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Review of Water4Gas Is Water For Gas Scam Or Not?


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Skyrocketing gas prices have dramatically changed the world's views on alternative fuel energy. The oil companies are reporting billions of profits every month while 80%-90% of the car owners are badly hurt by the economic squeeze of sky high gas prices.

Nowadays more and more people are searching for ways compensate the rising fuel prices by improving their gas mileage. Unfortunately a lot of phony mpg enhancer products emerged on the market. One of these scam accused products is Water 4 Gas water burning technology.

Some say Water For Gas scam is a pyramid scheme, built up on false or misleading technology to sell e-books based on useless non working water burning designs, and that's the reason why Ozzie Freedom is only selling the information and not the actual devices.

Other point out that water fuel scam sites usually state 3 basic things. 1. They can produce free energy. 2. The technology was put aside by the big oil companies. 3. That the resistance from the industry and science are all part of the plot.

The most common argument among engineers is that it's basic law of physics and chemistry that it takes way more energy to split the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen than to burn the hydrogen it self. So websites that claims to run the vehicle on water is an obvious scam sites.

So what's the truth about Water4Gas scam?

I believe there is a big misunderstanding caused by water4Gas sales page itself that has generated a large amount of skepticism among people on the net. promising way more than it should, I do agree that claims like “run you car on water" or “triple your mileage" is unnecessary and sounds like scam.

Still if we put aside these unrealistic claims and look at the reality than tens of thousands of satisfied Water4Gas costumers proofs that the system dose really work, but the results are depending widely on a range of circumstances.

The mileage is not improved by the burned hydrogen gas itself, the energy from the generated hydrogen is to small to drive a car independently, instead you should look at Water4Gas system as a fuel enhancer, a supplemental to gasoline.

And how dose Water 4 Gas work?

The major problem with the regular gas and air mixture in the engine is the oversized fuel droplets. The small amount of hydrogen produced by Water4Gas electrolyzer cuts these droplets into smaller droplets and sticks itself to the smaller parts. The hydrogen gasoline mist will burn the fuel more effectively and result in smother and improved engine combustion.

As mentioned above the actual results can vary extensively depending on vehicle, weight, weather and other conditions, but with the basic hydrogen generator (if installed right) you should expect 30-50% mileage improvement.

You can try the Water4Gas system for 60 days, If you are not completely satisfied just ask ClickBank for a refund and you will get 100% of your money.

Conclusion: Water 4 Gas does overstate some of it claims but the water for gas product works for thousands of customers so in my opinion Water4Gas can not be classified as scam.

For more about Water For Gas read the Water 4 Gas Review.


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