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Stylish Office Plants Need Stylish Containers


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Imagine you have just bought a smart new suit for a Job interview; the likelihood is that you would wear the suit with smart and appropriate shoes, and not your scruffy running trainers. Well, the same can be said for planted office displays for what would be the point in investing in beautiful and stylish office plant displays if the containers you plant them in lack style and taste?

The UK today is dominated by an ideology that image is everything, and no where more so than the business arena. First impressions count for everything and modern office buildings are now designed to be luxurious contemporary spaces complete with lavish décor and intricate details.

Contemporary interior landscaping companies have such developed and designed both modern and traditional containers to complement their planted displays perfectly. With a series of different materials and colours to choose from, deciding upon containers is not as easy as it may seem.

The first thing you will need to decide upon is where your planted office displays are going to be situated and the species of the office plants you are going to have. Office plant specialists will be able to help you make an informed decision as to which plants best suit your environment as well as taking on board your décor and desired atmosphere preferences.

The containers you have made available to you may also depend upon your office plant choice and the selection available from the interior landscaper. For example, large showroom plant containers may be less detailed and intricate than containers designed for desk top office plants. On a similar note containers for larger plants may be heavy and be more suitable for spaces where movement and access is not limited.

When it comes to container material choices you may find yourself split into contemporary chic or traditional and understated but again the office plants you choose will help make this decision for you. Take for example the modern architectural shape of the Yucca Elephantipes, the shape and impression of this office plant lends itself well to modern materials such as aluminium or stainless steel so may influence your decision.

Whatever you choose getting the right combination of office plant and containers is essential for creating a good impression, even though respectively it may seem like a trivial decision at the time. But, put yourself in potential customers’ shoes.

Imagine you are sat in a waiting room waiting for your meeting and the office plant on the table next to you is in a moldy container and looks nearly dead, would this picture a) impress you and convince you that this company will look after you or b) would you leave with an impression that this company cannot even look after or present a humble office plant properly let alone you?

Whatever you decide the next time you are in that situation you won't help but notice the office plants and containers , after all it's all in the detail!

Fosters Breathing Space specialise in supplying indoor and office plants for plant displays to brighten up offices, showrooms, and special events. Visit for more information.


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