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Choosing a Modern Clock For The Home

Harwood E Woodpecker

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A clock is a modern day necessity, at work we clock watch, we need to get to work on time and at weekends we live by the clock cherishing every moment with our families and away from the work place.

In days of old a clock was very much a status symbol. The old rather large grandfather clock that used to stand hall ways and reception rooms of grand stately homes for all guests to see upon their arrival was very much an item to show off ones wealth and stature in society. Today's modern clocks are very differently perceived than the masterful pieces from Victorian times.

So what should you look for if you want a modern clock that will say something about you and your lifestyle and not just blend into the background like so many of the mass produced generically bland modern clocks that are designed and sold today.

It is still possible to break away from the mass produced modern clock and find a clock that although might not be a modern masterpiece might smash the mould and offer up something a little more special and not so homogenised.

Modern clocks of repute are usually made by designers in small “one man band" workshops up and down the country and sold more as pieces of art than timepieces.

By buying one of these modern clocks you can be pretty sure that you won't find one like it in your neighbour's house, and in reality you shouldn't break the bank buying one.

Much of the value in a modern clock comes from its unique and genuine appearance, not from the materials that it has been manufactured from. The small workshops that produce these modern clocks work very much on one piece at a time so each piece is totally individual.

Some beautifully crafted clocks are made by these small scale artisans, modern clocks with a brushed nickel note swinging pendulum mimics the back panel with its asymmetrical condition. A rectangular pendulum finished in fleecy nickel complements the dial, a true treat for those who quest a more updated outlook on time keeping.

These modern style clocks exude a contrasting decorative wooden back panel, with napped nickel finished bezel and grid pendulum and offer a touch of elegant beauty to the home.

The positioning of a modern clock is as all important as the positioning of the grandfather clocks of old. You should try to position your modern clock where it will receive maximum exposure and where you can maximize it's beauty against that of it's surroundings.

Always take into consideration the decoration of the room and wall where the modern clock is to go, the clock should be the centre piece of the wall leaving the decoration very much in the background.

Try not to be with the decoration in the area where the modern clock is to sit and try to keep the colors in the room as plain as possible to gain the full impact from the features of the clock.

In a larger room why not hang a mirror on an opposite wall to get twice the impact room the modern clock?

The secret is to be modern in your approach on how to best site a modern wall clock, think it's siting through carefully and you will have people adoring your modern clock for many years to come.

I try to pass on my musings on life and experiences in a way that people may find interesting to read.

Please feel free to republish this article provided a working hyperlink remains to our site

You may not always agree with my writings but I hope to inform.

Harwood E Woodpecker

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