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Water4Gas Scam - Is Water 4 Fuel Scam?


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There have been many videos and reports appearing on the internet and TV that show people running their cars on water. However, I was still skeptical at first, until I tried out this water fuel technology for myself.

Many people believe that it is impossible to create enough energy from water to run a car, but it is actually possible. The only reason why we have not heard about it previously is because it has never been widely broadcasted for political and technological reasons.

1. How Can Water Provide Enough Energy To Power A Car?

In order to run a car, energy is required. The common belief today is that the only way to power a car is to use fossil fuels. Others believe that the only way to acquire energy from water is to have a huge volume of it, like dams. All these are myths which are about to be exposed.

2. Water Fuel Technology Was Already Discovered 20 Years Ago

In a low profile research called Project Deuterium, scientists and researchers had already discovered that it is possible to obtain a flammable gas (oxyhydrogen) from water. This gas is able to provide the energy to run a car.

However, in order to obtain this gas, your car needs to be modified first. After the modification, your car will be able to carry out electrolysis, which then allows it to extract the gas from water.

3. How To Make This Water 4 Fuel System Yourself?

You should not look to convert your car on your own if you have no experience. It is highly recommended that you either download a step by step conversion guide from the internet, or seek professional help. To learn more about the online guides, you can visit the website link at the end of this article to find out more.

4. Conclusion

Although it is still not possible to run your car completely on water, you can still save a lot of money when your run your car with a mixture of gasoline and water. This Water 4 Fuel technology is a reality today, and is able to save you potentially thousands of dollars every year.

Are you sick of expensive gas prices, and you want to build your own Water 4 Fuel system? Click Here to Download Step-By-Step Guides that teach you how to modify your car at now!


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Water Fuel Cell Cars - Is This Another Water For Gas Scam?
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