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Lalique - Beautiful Perfume Bottles


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In Hollywood, celebrities are rushing to get hold of the limited edition Lalique perfumes that are launched occasionally in the market. Lalique perfumes are definitely becoming as hot and as controversial as icons and celebrities from all around the world who patronize the items. There must be something with this perfume brand that makes it really buzz-worthy.

With hundreds of high-profile and extremely popular perfume brands out in the market, there are certain trademarks and characteristics that are identified with specific perfumes. True to its nature, perfumes have always been considered premium goods since the ancient times because their high quality and exquisite scent make them costly and affordable only by the royalties and the opulent. In these modern times, the wealthy population still has the upper hand in influencing which perfume brands stay and go.

Lalique perfumes are among the most popular and well patronized in the contemporary generation. The designer perfumes were started and institutionalized by glass and jewelry designer Rene Jules Lalique. Mr. Lalique was very well known and was respected in his field because his masterpieces were truly effective in bringing about standard quality design and aesthetic appeal to items like vases, clocks, chandeliers, jewels and perfume bottles.

Lalique perfumes stand out because of their very appealing and unique perfume bottle designs. If other designer perfumes have stood up because of brand reputation and designer transfer-appeal, Lalique was noted for having the best, most artistic and most innovative perfume bottle designs.

Perfume bottle collectors from all across the globe must have Lalique perfume bottles in their collections. For sure, the bottles would enjoy being on the top of the wish list of such collectors. The bottles are indeed works of inspiration. As a glass and jewelry designer, Mr. Lalique started designing his perfume bottles when he was already 50.

The initiative really came late to this great designer's life, but the numerous perfume bottle designs he created definitely outlived him. Long after Mr. Lalique's death in 1945, his bottles still live and are still among the most priced and most patronized.

What sets Lalique perfumes apart is not the scent, though they are as exquisite and good smelling as other perfumes, but the bottle designs. Collectors acknowledge the fact that consumers purchase Lalique perfumes for the specially designed bottles above all.

One of the great admirers of Lalique perfumes is well known singer Mariah Carey. In October 2007, the high-note singer and controversial celebrity invested $13,200 in just a few minutes just to buy 12 bottles of Butterfly scent Lalique perfumes. Asked why she was so determined to get the goods, Ms. Carey simply said she overwhelmingly loves the bottle design of the perfume, which was noted for its crystal bottle etched with butterfly designs, put under a beautifully crafted butterfly bottle stopper.

Indeed, Lalique perfumes are works of art. The usually expensive tag prices that come along with the brand are definitely justifying the real value and artistic appeal of the bottles. Lalique perfumes are sure winners in the premium perfume sector.

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