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The Efficient Way to Deal With Smoke Odors


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The horrific Southern California wildfires had a truly devastating effect. Indeed, although final tallies have not been completed, damages from the Southern California wildfires has topped one billion dollars - and counting. Beyond this damage total, thousands of homes and businesses in Southern California have been left with dealing with miserable smoke odors as a result of the wildfires. Although these homes and businesses may not have sustained physical damage as a result of the Southern California wildfires, many homes and businesses have been left with serious smoke odors that have proved difficult to combat and eliminate.

There is one solution on the market today when it comes to dealing with smoke odors from the Southern California wildfires. The Jenesco Ozone Generator is proving (time and time again) to be the most effective and efficient means of dealing with and resolving the smoke odors from the Southern California wildfires that are plaguing many business and home owners.

First, the Jenesco Ozone Generator requires you to do next to nothing. In fact, all you have to do is place the generator in the space in which smoke odors need to be eliminated, set the timer and turn on the machine. Unlike other smoke odor removing techniques, you do not have to spend hour after hour hard at work attempting to eliminate these odors.

Second, the Jenesco requires only a matter of hours to fully complete the task of ridding a space (and everything in it) of smoke odors. Not only do you not have to be involved directly in the process of eliminating smoke odors, you do not have to wait day after day for smoke odors do dissipate and complete resolve.

Third, it is completely effective. There are innumerable products on the market (and service providers as well) that are held out as being capable of eliminating smoke odors. However, in many instances (and after a great deal of time and effort), the smoke odors will not be completely eliminated. Rather, there will be at least a faint smoke odor remaining even after the cleansing process. Such is not the case with the Jenesco Ozone Generator - which will completely eliminate the smoke odors left over from the Southern California wild fires or any other similar condition.

Although the Ozone Generator is one of the safest of all products on the market today designed to eliminate smoke odors, there are some rare situations in which the presence of ozone in a close environment or space can have an adverse effect on a person. Therefore, when you are utilizing the Jenesco Ozone Generator, it is advisable to keep people out of the space while the machine is in operation. Again, the Jenesco Ozone Generator is a very safe product. However, it is important to recognize the potential adverse reactions that a small number of people have to the presence of ozone.

For comparison purposes, ozone generators can be purchased from Jenesco for as little as $400.

Jenesco.Com is a comprehensive source for anyone seeking to improve and recover their business from the California wildfires. Their goal is to provide articles, blog posts, newsletters, products and reports to support your business. is your one stop site for expert advice and reliable information about Smoke removal, Deodorizing an automobile in as little as 15 minutes or a motel room in the time it takes the maid to clean the next room, treating moldy basements, Detailing cars and much more. . .


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