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Considerations For A Man Made Diamond


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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend is what they say. But can she tell the difference between a natural mined diamond and a man made diamond? Probably not, since even experienced jewelers have trouble at times. So, for the future groom, considering a man made diamond is plausible.

Two processes are utilized to manufacture man-made diamonds. The most popular is called HPHT or High Pressure, High Temperature. A gigantic press that creates a massive pressure is used. The temperature created by the pressure is over 1500 degrees Celsius. This method can produce a 2.8 carat yellow diamond in about three days. This will yield a 1.5 carat diamond after cutting and cleaning.

The other method is CVP or Chemical Vapor Deposition. In this process, a sliver of real diamond is used and various gases are used to duplicate the natural process inside the earth’s crust. This method is a bit more expensive and so is not as widely utilized in the industry.

Aside from the processes used to manufacture diamonds, there is still no replacement for the real deal. As far as being able to tell the difference, you couldn’t tell by just looking at the outside of the diamond. It would take the trained eye of an experienced jeweler to make the judgment. Of course under magnification, the differences would be more apparent.

The real test of a diamond has always been “Will it cut glass?” Since natural diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man that can cut glass cleanly, this has become the test for man made diamonds. Most man made or synthetic diamonds will not pass this test. However, there is a mineral called Moissanite that is laboratory made. This has become a favorite material for man-made diamond manufacturing since it will cut glass as cleanly as a real diamond. Moissanite does not, however, possess the optical properties of natural diamond.

The term “man made diamond” is the same thing as “synthetic diamond” so don’t be fooled by someone trying to play word games with you. Man made diamonds look the same, feel the same and create the same good feeling when wearing them. Comparative pricing is the tell tale thing here.

Natural diamonds are priced at around $13,500 per carat while man-made diamonds are around $500 to $700 per carat. Of course, there are others that will be pricier but they won’t be any clearer or sharper than the next one. And keep in mind with those prices, the 4 C's of diamonds (color, cut, caret, and clarity) come into play in pricing it.

Man made diamonds are pretty much “perfect", but they are, after all, synthetic. If it is made in nature like a real diamond is, there are very few “perfect" diamonds, and the ones that do exist command a very high price.

So in conclusion, man made diamonds are good for the wallet, make the women happy and are easy to come by. Many people shy away from them due to the words “synthetic” or “man-made”. This is unfortunate because when a diamond can be created in 3 days time compared to millions of years, it can’t all be bad now can it?

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