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Your Life's Path - Discovering and Fulfilling Your Destiny - Book Review

Heather Froeschl

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Your Life's Path: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Destiny
by Diane M. Ewing MS
ISBN-10: 1601451857

When are you happiest? What is it you enjoy doing most? If you’re looking for your life’s path and can’t seem to find it for the weeds, “Your Life’s Path” by Diane M. Ewing, M. S. will help you clear the way. If you’re not even sure you have a path, or just want to lay down some markers on the one you’re already on, this book is destined for you.

Categorizing this book is difficult. It is in part, inspirational/motivational reading, part guided journal, part exercise driven, and part enjoyment. I liken it to a sit down talk with a close friend, but one which you can close the covers on for a day or so while you give each point deep thought. The author offers a hand in understanding who you are and what you hope to achieve and then guides you to accomplishing your goals. She helps you to explore your own natural abilities, look at where you’ve been, glance at where you are now, and plan a future path. From there, you will make a plan for life and begin your journey. But by the time you’ve finished reading this book, you will already have taken steps of progress and will feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. What is a life’s path? Here’s just a hint: P = Plan, A = Action, T = Timeline, and H = Heart. The book will tell you the rest and I am positive you will find inspiration here. “Discovering your own path is a gift of illumination, but actually choosing to walk down it is a test of courage. ” Take the first step and pick up “Your Life’s Path. ”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a little guidance, or encouragement. Taking steps to happiness is a good idea for anyone, even if you are sure you are already the happiest you can be. Written in an easy going and friendly tone, the book is a delight to read. Beautiful images and encouraging quotes round out a cherished experience. Following the exercises and prompts will only lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and the possibility for growth. You may find yourself in the position I was in, wanting to explore each point to the fullest and looking forward to sitting down again to read another chapter. This is a book to return to time and time again, reevaluating your goals and dreams and taking steps down your path each time. An absolute must read!

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