Book Review - The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau


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Trudeau’s books are a must read and this third installment has great new fat loss information and the “Weight Loss Cure” program. This “Weight Loss Cure” looks and sounds to me like it would truly cure you of the obesity problem but the special medical treatment and organic diet required makes it out of reach to many people financially.

The problem with the wonderful health and lifestyle suggestions in all his books are that they are not within reach to average people that do not have unlimited time and money to devote to their health. It would take full time dedication to health and thousands of dollars for supplements and organic food.

Reading Trudeau’s books and only doing half of his suggestions, or just the ones that you reasonably can do, will still dramatically improve your health as it has mine.

In my upcoming book, The Organic Body, I have tried to offer health, diet and lifestyle suggestions that are REALISTIC for real people with busy lives and average salaries. My “ORGANIC BODYBUILDING DIET” is not hard to follow, can be done without organic food and will even benefit people that do not lift weights.

I highly recommend all three of Trudeau’s books. Reading these books has greatly improved my health and quality of life. You had better be ready to be shocked and shaken up, however, because these books are controversial. Trudeau is a “fearless whistleblower” and consumer health advocate who has made it his mission to “expose corruption in both government and the corporate world”.

I respect and admire Trudeau and could only find one statement in this third book that I disagreed with. He states that “thin gurus” who have never been fat have no right to give advice on dieting or weight loss because they do not understand how it feels to be fat. It is true that I do not understand how it feels to be fat, but I do understand low self esteem. Overweight people do not have a monopoly on low self esteem or self pity! Try being scrawny and covered with zits as a kid like I was. This is just as bad as being overweight. A popular saying in the Addiction Recovery Community is- If everyone in a room full of people were to place there big problem or shortcoming into the middle of the room, and you could trade with any one, you probably would just take your own problem back!

Richard Simmons-a wonderful man I admire-is probably the most well known “formerly fat” guru in the world. There was an article recently on the internet with photos about a “thousand pound” man that Simmons helped to get down to a normal healthy weight. Soon after the man regained all the weight and more.

This is common. Obviously, there is something subconscious and psychological going on for many people who struggle with being overweight like this man. If you are subconsciously blocked and your mind is not allowing you to change then Richard Simmons, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Billy Blanks, and the late Dr. Atkins could all be your personal consultants and you would stay fat or regain weight!

Yes, I can help you. No, I have never been fat but I do understand addiction well and all addiction is the same. The Secret Organic Diet and Secret Acne Cures are the next two books that I have started doing research for and that I plan to write.

The Secret Organic Diet will include plenty of food and diet recommendations but will focus on the psychology of eating and food addiction. The diet recommended in this new book will actually be the same “Organic Bodybuilding Diet” from my first book which is designed for real people with busy lives, jobs and responsibilities who can not afford to go 100% organic and buy every expensive supplement out there. The Secret Organic Diet will include resources for eliminating subconscious sabotage and food addiction. CHANGE. Overcoming addiction requires a profound personality change.

For success at fat loss, a diet has to be possible to do and you have to want to change from the inside out.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ian Kelley is the author of The Organic Body fitness and cookbook. Ian is a lifelong chef, competitive natural bodybuilder, holistic health advocate and writer. His website, , provides informative articles and resources on natural/organic bodybuilding. Ian is now offering a FREE copy of his “Organically Ripped" Pre Content Diet to all who subscribe to his FREE newsletter.


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