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The Guru Slayer by Andrew Fox. Very much hyped up on the run up to it's release. Then when it was released it broke clickbanks weekly sales record (or some record anyway) and went on to make Mr. Fox another fortune.

So, is it any good? Nope! Like most other “make money online e-books" it's full of the same old tips, tricks and tactics you can find for free in marketing forms all over the Internet!

If you really want to make money online the best thing you can do is follow the example of the guru slayers author and write a “make money on the internet" book yourself and sell it to people that really are struggling to make ends meet and think that these kind of e-books will change their life around.

Yes! Your right! I do think guru slayer is nothing but a con! Just like Andrew Fox’s other e-books, the only person that will make a fortune with them is Andrew Fox.

It's all about clever marketing. “Learn the secrets the gurus don't want you to know" “ex guru turns his back no the industry and reveals the secrets they have been using to con you out of your money". Those are the lines I fell for. I knew deep down that it would not make me wealthy but I just couldn't resist! So I bought it. Then I read it. Then I had a case of the buyers’ remorse.

I'm still suffering from that buyers remorse today because now I’m on Andrew Foxes mailing list he's kind enough to send me emails telling me that I'm about to miss the easiest chance I’m ever going to have to make money online. Of course I feel very lucky that he’s sending me these “can't miss offers". He truly is a gentleman for letting me be among the few he's saving these offers for.

Oh wait, hold on a minute though. Now I think about it these “can't miss offers" he's telling me about all come at a price. If he's such a decent guy and really wants me or anyone else to make money why is he charging for them? Because he couldn't give a rats harmonica about anyone but himself that’s why!

That's not really fair of me to say that, I don't know him personally, he might well be a nice guy. What I do know is that he said he wants to help people. Just for once I’d like to see him prove that statement by actually giving something away for nothing instead of constantly trying to add to the Andrew Fox pension fund with every thing he puts his name too!

So to summarize: The Guru slayer is just a very well marketed gimmick!

Don't buy anything that promises to make you rich. These things only make one person rich and it's sure as hell not you. It's the person that sold it to you!

Roddy Morrison


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