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How To Keep Your Jewelry Looking Brand New :

Jewelry Tips, Do’s & Don’ts


When you’re not wearing your jewelry try to keep it in an area where it will not be exposed to moisture, heat, and if possible try to keep it air tight (meaning the less amount of air that’s exposed to the jewelry the better. ) The best policy is to keep your jewels in a zip tight baggy or other storage where it is not exposed to the outside environment.


One of the best habits you can get into is cleaning your jewelry regularly. Just like the car you drive and the clothes you wear different forms of dust, dirt, etc. are prone to locking onto your precious jewels. There are different methods used to clean jewelry but the most common is brushing with warm, soapy water with a soft brush (preferably non-metallic so it will not harm the stones or make any scratches. ) Cleaning clothes specially made for polishing jewelry are also made which are commonly used. Try to avoid rough cleaning devices such as paper towels to wipe down jewelry as it may produce scratches as well. If you are ever unsure if you should or shouldn't use an item to clean jewelry then you probably should avoid using it. If you're afraid to try different cleaning methods because of the value of your jewelry or for whatever reason it is always best to let a professional handle your cleaning. You can always ask the professional your questions about cleaning your jewelry and then you should be more comfortable with cleaning yourself. Also keep in mind that gold tends to scratch easier than most other metals. Try to use extra care when dealing with this metal. Avoid using toothpaste to as a cleaning agent. Certain substances in toothpastes may cause damage to certain jewels. Use caution when using cleaners that are purchased in stores. Make sure to fully read the instructions and follow directions accurately. Some require soaking jewelry for seconds and leaving your jewels in the cleaner longer than recommended can do harm.


Chlorine Bleach!

I’ve read stories of how chlorine bleach has ruined beautiful rings, etc. Try to stay away from it at all costs. One of the best ways to avoid accidents like leaving rings in your pants is to thoroughly check all your pockets before washing your clothes…you’ll probably find some spare change too! Also remember that there’s chlorine in that backyard pool of yours too. Take those jewels off before taking a dive or the value of your jewelry may take one for you!

Light Duties only!

Try not to wear your jewelry when doing heavy-duty, very physical activities. If you wear rings and have chores to do such as working on your car or washing dishes it is better to leave it in a safe place than to risk scratching it, getting it caught on something, or getting something on it that will decrease its value.

Chemicals Not Good!

Different things around the house that may seem harmless can actually do more damage than you think to your gems. Try to put on jewelry after you've applied make-up, perfumes, colognes, sun tan lotion, etc.

Below is a list of gemstones with a fun fact about each one as well as the preffered cleaning method that would be best to be used. As a rule of thumb, your best solution for cleaning any gem is soap & water.



Fun Fact: In daylight, these gems turn a greenish color, and in incandescent light turns to a shade of red.

Cleaning: Alcohol and in-store products designed for gemstone cleaning work well if used as directed.


Fun Fact: Derived from the Greek word “amethystos" meaning “not drunken. " In ancient times, this gemstone was thought to be the cure for drunkeness.

Cleaning: Soak in ammonia and clean with soft brush.


Fun Fact: The color of the baby blue sky, the name comes fro “aqua" (water) and “mare" (sea. )

Cleaning: Avoid chemical cleaners. Aquamarines should only be cleaned as needed and should remain out of high temperature areas.


Fun Fact: Is thought to help problems with the kidneys, heart and liver.

Cleaning: Warm water and soap is best.


Cleaning: Soap and water of course. Ammonia and water works well together as well. Liquid jewelry cleaners will work as a easier solution if you're not into mixing things. Also remember that taking your diamonds to a professional once a year is a good practice.


Fun Fact: Comes in many different shades of green and others such as black, grey, white, yellow, and orange.

Cleaning: Avoid chemical cleaners. Best bet: soap and water.


Fun Fact: In ancient times, pearls were objects of value and could be compared to the same financial value as real estate.

Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth after each use. Remember to put on any perfumes, etc before putting them on.


Fun Fact: This stone has a rare quality in that it comes in only one color (green) and has a slight hint of gold in it.

Cleaning: Stay away from Home Ultrasonic Machines when cleaning these gems. Gentle cleanings are best, without using solvents.


Fun Fact: The most popular of all gemstones is named from the latin word ‘rubens’ meaning red.

Cleaning: Soap and water and in store cleaning solutions as well as in store cleaning solutions.


Fun Fact: Comes in all shades of blue.

Cleaning: Soap and water and in store cleaning solutions as well as in store cleaning solutions.


Fun Fact: There's only one place in the world where this gem can be found, that for which its name is derived: Tanzania.

Cleaning: Soap and water.

We hope you have enjoyed our jewelry tips! We specialize in jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, belly rings, etc. ) for all occasions. They make a great gift idea!


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