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Capodimonte porcelain has actually been around for quite a long time. The 1740’s to be exact. It started out in Naples and was under explicit orders from the King of Italy to produce porcelain superior to the famous Meissen factory in Germany. It did for a while but then the factory was moved to Spain; it burned down; and later it was restarted in Italy only to be destroyed again during the French invasion of 1798.

In the period of its glory as a royal business it turned out porcelains of such gorgeous quality that they were used only by Royal families because of the high cost of production. After it was looted and destroyed during the French invasion, it was again rebuilt. But during the French interregnum in Italy its production was halted and porcelain production was sold to a group of local businessmen. It's fate is as dull as the years of its existence, apart from saying it produced magnificent porcelain. It more or less disappeared from view for a while.

Fortunately, it was resuscitated by some local businessmen who wanted to keep the Capdimonte tradition alive. A few factories in Italy still create these masterpieces of another day as well as our own time - a variety of home decor items ranging from stunning candlestick holders to breathtaking chandeliers with lots of flowers, birds, and animals in between.

Today, Capodimonte is quite simply the finest and most perfect grade of Italian artistic pottery, one that is cherished for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. And that goes for its subsidiaries discussed in the following paragraphs.

The new outfit, along with V. Sabadin and A. Santini, under the Capodimonte imprimatur is Cevik Glass and Porcelain. The products of each of these companies are all registered and stamped to protect the public against fraud. A buyer always knows that he or she is purchasing an authentic piece.

Cevik was established in Vicenza, Italy by Scaggiari Maurizio in 1971. The Cevik Company in Italy produces hand-crafted and hand-blown glass and crystal. Crystal, of course, is the elite of all glass. It has the uniqueness of letting the light show all of its glorious brilliance. Each individual piece of Cevik crystal is then fully integrated with exquisite porcelain to produce an item of sheer artistic beauty. These days the company concentrates on crystal vases. These are among the finest glass and porcelain vases available anywhere. So fine in fact that you will be hard pressed to find them for sale in the United States or in Europe. When you acquire a Cevik piece as a gift or to occupy a special place in your own home, You are getting an item of matchless beauty.

If your preference is for figurines, look closely at the A. Santini collection. Amilcare Santini founded the company near Florence in 1910 after a long apprenticeship to a famous sculptor of his day. Working at first in clay which Santini used to mold statues of great beauty, he attended the university in Florence where he was instrumental in developing the process of combining marble, alabaster, and resin. This material was poured into molds made by Santini and allowed to harden to room temperature; then the figure was taken out and completely finished using the very old techniques and styles known to the great Italian masters of marble.

Amilcare Santini died in 1975 and the company has since been run in the Santini tradition by succeeding generations of the Santini family. The great Amilcare Santini tradition of producing exquisite objets d'art continues through four renowned sculptors who are active in the company. Each pursues a different specialty: classical and religious figurines, handpainted figurines and animals, Art Deco and nude figures, and creches and holy images. In addition they reproduce original pieces by Amilcare Santini. Altogether they continue to be known for quality, beauty, and craftsmanship under the rubric of A. Santini.

Santini sculptures represent some of the most prestigious museum lines of quality in the world.

Except that he was a great sculptor, little else of note can be said of Vittorio Sabadin. Exquisite, delightful, whimsical, humorous - all of these are words that come to mind when you talk about his pieces. His ladies, dancers, clowns, and animals speak to the multifarious nature of his creative mind. It's easy to understand why people simply fall in love with his little pieces. They bring out the humanity in us all.

You will find numerous splendid examples of Capodimonti, Cevik Glass and Crytal, A. Santini, and V. Sabadin on the pages of

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