Withstanding the Storm - Book Review

Heather Froeschl

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Building your spiritual home…do you do so with sticks and mud or brick and mortar? Do you do so on a weak foundation of sand or a solid base of rock? Nathan Lambshead’s book, “Withstanding the Storm" explains how he is building his, wall by wall.

The subtitle of this book is “Becoming the Christian You Were Meant to Be. " It is basically a letter from Nathan, describing his struggles to do just that and offering guidance for Christians to follow. Unlike many other books on religion, it does not condemn other beliefs, nor try to sway non-Christians. Its target audience is already Christian…those seeking to build a spiritual home in the soul.

Nathan’s foundation is not really rock, but the word of God. His walls are not brick but are Thanksgiving, Worship, Grace and Tithe. His roof is Fellowship. His guidance to readers comes through telling his story and recognizing that some church goers are just going to church, not learning to build their spiritual home through the lessons learned there. There is a difference in being thankful for happiness and being thankful for the lessons gone through to get to happiness. There is a difference in worshipping God and worshipping the church or pastor. There are actual examples from life in this book, a testimonial of Nathan’s spiritual house building.

The tone is light and friendly, as a real letter would be. The sequence of unfolding his tale and lessons learned is perfectly laid out. Nathan gets his point across and has written an enjoyable piece. He sees how some might be feeling while sitting in the pew, because he may have felt that same way, and he reaches out in understanding. “Withstanding the Storm" is a heartening yet challenging examination of what might be going on in a reader’s own life. Well done.

Withstanding the Storm
by Nathan Lambshead
ISBN-10: 1598864076
Review by Heather Froeschl

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