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There are many benefits to an having an audiobook club membership. Renting audiobooks from audiobook clubs will save you money. These clubs are taking an approach similar to the rental video companies like Netflix and Blockbuster Online.

It’s important to do some research since each audiobook club has its own pricing structure. Some clubs may allow you to rent unlimited audiobooks for the same price that others charge for lending only one. In any case, it only makes sense to join a club if audiobooks really interest you - there’s no point in joining unless you plan on listening to more than one audiobook a month.

When you join one of these clubs, you will need to register your details. You will then be able to rent from a selection of thousands of titles. As mentioned above, every club has different membership plans. Research and compare prices and the number of audiobooks you can rent at a time to find the best deal.

When you’ve made your decision and signed up, you can start renting titles. Make a list of the audio books that you want to listen to. You should receive your first audiobook within 2-5 business days. As soon as you are finished listening to an audiobook, send it back to the rental company. Once the rental company receives that audiobook, the next one on your list is automatically sent to you.

Here is an example of a company with great audiobook club membership plans. Jigger Bug offers three different plans that give you selection from over 25,000 titles. For $14.95 a month, you can rent one title at a time. With this plan, if you listen to your audiobook within four days of receiving it and then quickly return it, you could easily listen to two audiobooks a month. $24.95 a month will allow you to have two titles at a time and for the heavy reader $39.95 will let you hold on to five books at any one time.

So again, why sign up to an audiobook club? If listening to audio books is something you enjoy, you can save a lot of money and get access to a huge number of titles by joining one of these clubs. In monetary terms: being a member of one of these clubs allows you to rent multiple titles a month for the same price it would cost you to buy one audiobook at a typical online store.

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