4 Easy Ways To Help You Look Sexy In A Bathing Suit

Renee Feldman

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There is nothing scarier then the first holiday or vacation when you have to put on a bathing suit. Somehow, that inevitable moment creeps up on you, and you want to look good at that very moment. There are things that you can do to look good immediately and some that will take more time but have long lasting results. Here are some ways that you can turn heads (for the right reasons) the next time you have to wear a swimsuit.

1. If possible, start exercising right this very minute. A work-out routine does not have to be elaborate or intense for it to help you. If you have been sedentary, the small things you do will make a big difference in your body and your health.

Here's an example of something you can do while you are putting on your bathing suit. It will make your arms and shoulders look great.

-Put your hands on your on your bathroom bureau (the area near your sink). Place them a bit wider then shoulders width apart.

-Take 2 large steps back and place your feet a little wider then shoulders width apart.

-Stand on your toes. Your body should be tilting slightly towards the sink.

-Straighten your body out by tucking your backside in and sticking your chest out. Your body should be 1 straight line.

-Lower yourself slowly, as if doing a push-up and then press yourself back up. Keep the movement slow and fluid.

-Do as many as you can. Incorporate this into your morning or evening routine and your arms and shoulders will look super toned and sexy.

2. Dress to Impress. If you are a women, no matter what size you are, you can find swimwear that is attractive on you. This includes accessory clothing that goes with your bathing suit. If you have a large chest and your lower body is a bit big too, wear a gauzy see through button up shirt over your bathing suit. Pair that with a darker color light weight skirt that is made for the beach.

If you are a man and a bit on the hefty side, get the longer length swim shorts that show off your calves. Wear a funny t-shirt or one that displays the college you go or went to or the branch of the military you are or were in. This shows that you either have a sense or humor or something going on for yourself. Women find this sexy.

3. Get a Tan. A tan makes everyone look better. But the rays of the sun are harmful to your skin and could cause skin cancer. Suntan beds are not much better. Try using one of the new sprays or lotions for instant tan and bronzing. They have come a long way from the ones that were streaky and made your skin orange.

4. Cultivate Some Self-Confidence. Nothing is sexier then A person who is comfortable with themselves, no matter what their body looks like. True confidence shines brighter and is more appealing then big biceps or a nice backside.

Renee Feldman MA, is the founder of http://www.bodyfatblaster.com , http://www.reducecellulitenow.com and http://www.magicalmindbody.com 3 Popular Free Tip Courses that are helping people worldwide to achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. Renee is an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Personal Trainer. One of the first personal trainers in the United States, Renee is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine which is the Gold Standard in fitness. Her vast experience ranges from competitive bodybuilding, where she won state wide championships to professional dancing. She has used her education and experience working in Corporate Fitness Centers, Health Clubs, Y. M. C. A. 's and J. C. C. 's. Renee has an incredibly well developed and diverse background in Meditation and Guided Visualization which she has used to coach her clients for the last 12 years. She also lectures and presents information on fitness, wellness and the mind/body connection. She successfully demonstrated her cellulite reduction methods on television.


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The sexy ways women seduce men
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