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The Ascensia Breeze Diabetes Care System has been designed in order to help make the monitoring of a person's blood glucose levels simpler. Certainly for many people who are now suffering from diabetes being able to monitor their blood glucose levels effectively is essential to their health and well being.

The great thing about the Ascencia Breeze monitor from Bayer Diagnostics is that it is extremely easy to learn how to use. This is because it comes with single function buttons which are not only easy to use but also easy to understand.

As well as it providing easy to use functions on the monitor itself this particular model eliminates having to use individual test strips. Instead it comes with a disc (known as the Ascensia Autodisc) which contains 10 test strips so no longer do you have to worry about trying to get individual strips out from either a vial or a foil wrapper.

Another benefit of this monitor from Bayer compared to some of the other models already available is that it does not need to be manually calibrated each time you place new test strips into it. This machine will automatically do the calibration work itself. Plus the ergonomic design means that it is much easier to handle than many other models available on the market today. This design also makes it much more stable for you to use on a table if you need to.

But apart from all the things that we have mentioned above this particular blood glucose monitor provides the user with accurate results at all time. It provides the user with clear error messaging so it soon puts their minds at ease.

Probably one of the main reasons why someone who suffers from Diabetes should consider using the Ascensia Breeze diabetes care system is that it only requires a small blood sample to be provided in order to carry out the necessary analysis. Plus if you wish you can buy software which then allows the user to download all the data from the tests taken and will help them to keep track of their results. This will then help them to devise a much more effective routine in order for keeping their blood glucose levels under control.

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ascensia breeze diabetes care system

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