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All throughout the world, it can be said that the items a group of people create reflect their culture. This is because different cultures express or manifest their beliefs and their perspectives in a number of ways, including the way they make items such as jewelry. One example of this is the way the Chinese prefer using jade for jewelry, as it is their belief that jade brings good luck and fortune. Another example is the influence of Catholic tradition on certain cultural items such as necklaces adorned with the crucifix. For the Celts this is very true, as the jewelry they make and wear also reflects a rich Catholic tradition. Among the most common Celtic jewelry that the Irish wear, the more notable include Claddagh rings, the Celtic cross and Celtic knot jewelry, which the Irish have worn throughout their history.

Claddagh rings

These rings originated from the town of Claddagh, hence its name. These rings are usually designed with a heart, which symbolizes love, topped by a crown that is held by two hands, representing loyalty and friendship respectively. This ring is a very popular gift, especially between friends, and when it is given, the giver usually says the phrase ?Let love and friendship reign. ? These rings have also become the preferred choice for wedding rings among the Irish.

The Celtic cross

This type of jewelry is one of the most popular, which according to legend was first made by St. Patrick who drew a circle over a Latin cross. Given its popularity, different meanings have been attached to the cross. The circle is believed by some to symbolize eternity and God?s endless love for man, while others believe that it represents a halo emanating from Jesus Christ. For some people, the four arms of the cross represent the four elements, while others believe that they represent human existence of mind, body, soul and heart.

Celtic knots

The designs of this kind of jewelry are very intricate and different meanings have also been attached to them. One of these is that the intricate loops are believed to keep away evil spirits and others also believe that the loops represent the interconnectedness of all people.

The type of jewelry that a group of people makes can reflect their culture. This is especially true among the Irish, as some of the more popular Celtic jewelry they wear not only reflects their culture and beliefs but also serves as good reminders of the rich culture and history of the Celts.

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Celtic Jewelry - A Potent Reminder of Faith and History
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