The Classy Charm of Vintage Jewelry


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Nostalgia abounds for items from historical periods where craftsmanship seemed to abound in quality versus the items crafted today. Jewelry, Cars, and other items of the past seem to be made more carefully and more attention paid the quality of the details. Long production lines were unheard of while the cars moved quickly to finish. The hands of a skilled jeweler crafted these works of art, not the production line manufacturing jewelry assembly lines of today.

Vintage jewelry has the characteristics of the fine pieces of jewelry from the past. These pieces of vintage jewelry could actually be from estate sales of old jewelry or vintage jewelry could be replicas of these fine pieces from the past. The pieces have images that incorporate fascinating figures that were so popular years ago. There are pins that were often worn as part of the fashion statements of the past. These pins were made to be worn on the lapel of a beautiful suit worthy of princesses and duchesses. They have pooches with eyes of emeralds or lips of red rhinestones. The bracelets might look like snakes with scales made from a precious material. A barrette for the hair might be a horsefly with emerald green wings.

Vintage Jewelry Comes from Great Estate Sales

The daily newspapers have numerous ads that give details on the latest estate sales where people can show up to buy wonderful treasures that the owners no longer want. The items at these sales are often the property of older people who just recently died. Their heirs either do not appreciate the styles that their parents enjoyed or just do not want to be bothered with the things their parents left behind. These sales often have great examples of vintage jewelry for sale. These pieces are often handmade by skilled craftsmen that no longer exist.

People can read the information in the newspapers and track down the estate sale, or they can find out about the outlets that sent others to these sales to find the treasures left behind from days gone by. Some of the fine department stores have special sections for vintage jewelry. At some stores, this vintage jewelry is authentic, but at others some of the pieces are authentic copies of vintage jewelry. The prices vary quite a bit for the pieces of vintage jewelry. Shoppers at the estate sales may find some incredible bargains. Vintage jewelry, the copies and the originals, are usually fascinating pieces of adornment.

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Where to Find Antique Vintage Jewelry
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