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Jewelry is the oldest forms of body adornment, archaeologists recently found some 100,000 year-old shells that were made into necklaces. As of today they are thought to be the oldest known form of jewelry ornaments found. And men, along time, are not strangers to that. From the Mayas, to the Native Americans, the men of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, most African tribes, Polynesia inhabitants, men always wore, along side tattoos, and other body ornaments, jewelery. And we are not talking only about a simple bracelet, necklace or ring but also about elaborate ornamentations, nose rings, disproportionate earrings, toe rings, wrap jewelry and huge pendants.

During the last century, men restricted themselves or were restricted by society to simple ID bracelets, religious necklaces or pendants, wedding bands, engagement rings or watches because, really, they have a function, and could not be seen as being a feminine weakness or tendency. Although in earlier times, even for women, jewelery was created for more practical uses, such as for pinning clothes or hairs together.

Today, at last, men wear jewelery, not only for their function but also purely for aesthetic reasons, because it complements them, their style, or even distinguish them greatly from the crowd who on the other hand got used to them. For example, the craze for body jewelry and piercing, my best friend who I saw one day with a ring on one of one eyebrow, I could not tell you if it still has it today, no one pays attention anymore as it is now part of this personality, and complement him very well.

For my part, I wear a very discreet, but stylish men’s bracelet in by Zoppini, an Italian jewelry brand, synonymous with quality and style, like most Italian jewelry makers. I love the marriage of stainless steel with 18 carat gold inlays and hard black rubber to bring a modern touch and comfort on the skin. I also love titanium jewelry, so light and strong, which is also a weakness as you almost forget that you are wearing anything. For that reason, I prefer stainless steel, gold, tungsten men’s jewellery or a combination of the three, sometime with leather, rubber parts, or even the more expensive but fresh carbon fibres to bring a more casual or luxury note. Gemstones, precious or not are not something I find appealing on a man but someone or something might make me change my mind, like a new men’s designer bracelet which will marry stainless steel, gold and blue sapphire or emeralds in a slick, unusual but discreet design master piece.

As a result of men openness to more attractive jewelry, worn simply for their beauty, jewelery brands, modern fashion houses, have developed their collection of men’s jewelry to be as comprehensive as for the women. There are nowadays men’s jewelry for every style, every range of prices, every personality, classic, contemporary, designers have the most extensive imagination and creativity. In that respect, for a great choice of men’s bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, cuff links in titanium, stainless steel, gold, carbon fibers, leather, tungsten and combination…I like Italian jewelry designers such as Forzieri, Zoppini, Torrini and French designer Rochet Bijoux who bring men’s jewelry design to a level affordable and wearable for all. Because bracelets are my own favorites for men, the men’s bracelets section is particularly well developed at www.carametis.co.uk/acatalog/Mens-jewelry.html

As a gift, bracelets are always a safe bet, no problem with size, it does not have the same signification as a ring, and even for a man who is still reticent to wear jewelry, a bracelet is the most discreet but elegant option.

Nicolas Mekchoudi is the owner of http://www.carametis.com a jewellery, fashion and gifts shopping site, based in the UK who specialise in European designer jewelry, watches and gifts, in particular Italian fashion accessories including designer handbags, men's jewelry, titanium jewellery. I love jewelry and designer fashion, like to review, compare and write about it to promote my sites of couse, but also to inform.

Thank you, Nicolas Mekchoudi
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