Going Blue With Your Engagement Ring


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Everyone knows you are supposed to get a diamond ring for an engagement, but what diamond specifically? Perhaps you should consider going blue.

Sometimes, the typical engagement ring just is not what you are looking for. Whether you have a discriminating girlfriend who will only wear the best, or you want to express how unique you feel she is – a fancy colored diamond can say more than a white diamond ever can. There are many different colors of fancy diamonds to choose from, but if you really want to make a bold statement, blue diamonds are sure to leave her speechless.

Blue diamonds have been known for centuries. These diamonds are created in nature when an element, specifically boron, gets infused into the chemical makeup of a white diamond. This additional element causes a blue shade to appear, which can range from a very pale blue similar to an aquamarine, to a deep blue rivaling those seen in sapphires. One problem that some fancy colored diamonds face is that they are indistinguishable from lab-enhanced colored diamonds to the naked eye (and even to the trained professional). Blue diamonds are less likely to fool a professional, as a natural blue diamond will naturally conduct electricity due to the boron.

While blue diamond rings are a bit more recent, blue diamond jewelry has been in the public eye for hundreds of years. Perhaps the most famous blue diamond ever mined is the Hope Diamond. This diamond, originally weighing in at over 112 carats when in its rough state, has been the subject of many myths and rumors. It is said that anyone who owns the Hope Diamond is sure to have bad luck, and die very soon after acquiring the diamond. This has been the case in several of the diamond's past owners. Today, the National Museum of Natural History owns the diamond in its present shape and size (just over 44 carats).

You don't need to buy the Hope Diamond, however, in order to impress your fiancée to be. In fact, you may not even need to buy a blue diamond. There are many stones available from jewelers that can simulate blue diamonds for a more affordable price. These range from chemically or lab treated white diamonds, down to sapphires and other precious gems, and all the way down to cubic zirconia. There are blue diamond lookalikes for nearly any budget – and you can be sure that you will find a ring to please your sweetie.

Nothing beats real blue diamond rings – except for maybe pink, yellow, red, green or even black diamond engagement rings. With so many choices, there is a fancy colored diamond style for everyone.

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