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Wedding Receptions and Diamond Rings


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Almost every girl dreams of the day she’ll hear the words “Will you marry me?" The day she becomes engaged is one of happiest times of her life that is until the wedding. For her soon-to-be fiancé, however, the days or weeks prior to him leaving the likes of bachelors everywhere could be rather trying. From birth, I’m certain that women know exactly what type of ring they want right down to the color, cut, and carat. We’re usually more concerned with the ring than the man who’s just offered up the rest of his life with us! Whether it’s a surprise or a well planned engagement you’ll both soon know how important this ring decision is.

So, your boyfriend of a zillion years seems to be hinting at “popping the question". If you haven’t really discussed the situation, you could be frazzled at the very thought of this Neanderthal turned boyfriend picking out the rock that your well manicured finger will display for the rest of your life. There are a few safe ways to approach this. First, if you are certain these signals he’s giving off are the real deal, you might want to approach him with the idea you do a little window shopping at your local jewelers.

Simply browse the goods for a few well planned minutes giving him ample time to scope out what part of the store you’re looking in. When he’s finally in ear-shot ask the jeweler to try on a ring that you’re interested in. If he’s in anyway thinking along those lines he’ll surely pay attention and make some serious mental notes on those 3 C’s. (That’s color, cut, and carat for those of you weren’t paying attention earlier. )

If you’re on the flip side of the coin and you have discussed this idea of marriage in great length and aren’t expecting any sort of surprise proposal, then a well planned trip to the jeweler is the key. Since there are no ulterior motives here, it’s safe to be open and up front about what it is you want in an engagement ring. This may also be the perfect time to knock out two things at once and pick out you and your future hubby’s wedding bands as well. Men aren’t mind readers and never will be, so there’s no shame in letting him know exactly what it is you want. (Within reason that is. )

No matter what circumstances you’re experiencing there’s no doubt that this is an exciting time for the both of you. It’s imperative to be honest and forthcoming with your loved one when it comes to what you want. However, since we are talking about marriage, this may be an opportune time for you to practice a key ingredient to a successful one and that is compromise. If you have too high of expectations or have champagne taste on a soda budget, it is probably best to keep it simple, and remember you have the rest of your lives together. Give him a chance to impress you for your anniversaries to come.

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