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Diamond jewelry pieces can be complex and complicated things to understand. With this guide to purchasing diamond earrings, you can gain the knowledge you need to get the right set.

Many people think of diamonds as being a must-have – but only in ring form. Diamonds should not be relegated to just hand jewelry, however, because these beautiful gems are perfect no matter what piece of jewelry they are set into. One type of jewelry that is an especially beautiful showcase for diamonds is the earring. Getting a great pair of these is tough – so a guide to purchasing diamond earrings can be a great help for those looking to purchase this type of jewelry.

When you are looking at purchasing diamond earrings, an important thing to consider is the style. While many people think of diamond earrings as the studs you so often see in celebrities’ ears (small, single stone earrings), there are actually many different types of diamond earrings. Some women prefer earrings that dangle and sparkle – known as chandelier earrings, these are usually made of gold or platinum and studded with smaller diamonds. Other women enjoy wearing hoop style earrings. These earrings can have just a few diamonds as accents, or be ringed completely with diamonds.

One of the most important things to think of when perusing a guide to purchasing diamond earrings is how much you can afford. Diamond stud earrings are usually the most expensive style of diamond earrings, because the diamonds in these earrings must be a larger size. Additionally, if you are planning to buy diamond stud earrings that are each .5 carat, remember that you will be paying the cost of one carat in total weight. This can mean that diamond earrings can be quite a bit more expensive than a diamond ring.

Other considerations when purchasing diamond earrings are similar to those you must consider when purchasing any piece of diamond jewelry. The type of metal your earrings will be set in is an important factor – in both price and looks. Some people prefer the look of “silver” metals, such as white gold and platinum, while others prefer the classic look of yellow gold. The shape of the diamonds used in the earrings are also an important consideration: today, the most popular style of diamond is still the round cut, but princess (square) cut diamonds are also being seen more and more. For an elegant and less common look, diamond earrings can also be made with oval cuts or emerald cuts.

When choosing diamond earrings, whether for yourself or a loved one, it is important to make an informed decision. Having a guide to purchasing diamond earrings can be one way to get rid of some of the nervousness surrounding this purchase.

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