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Fake Diamonds And Diamond Hybrids Are Forever


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There is an unspoken power diamonds hold over women. No matter the background, when she comes in contact with the precious stone she melts. This obsession can prove very costly.

Depending on the clarity and total weight of a real diamond it may cost between $25,000 or more, which doesn’t include the setting or cut. Fake diamonds offer the world a chance to purchase what the wealthy can afford to waste. If the decision to buy fake diamonds has crossed your mind a time or two, you may need to consider diamond hybrids; just like the real thing, diamond hybrids last forever.

Not everyone can mimic the clarity of real diamonds. There are obvious differences between fakes and the real thing. Fake diamonds include cubic zirconia and moissanite; these fakes can be equally beautiful and pleasing on the eye. If placed in the right setting they both will give the appearance of beauty and can last just as long.

When it comes to fakes, the presentation will make it or break it. Because the jewel in the center of the setting isn’t so precious, it needs to give the illusion of perfection. Moissanite is a little closer to real diamonds then zirconia, which means it will cost more and resemble a real diamond to the naked eye. Because careful technique is applied when creating moissanite, it ensures its ability to last forever.

Diamond hybrids are designed to replicate the real thing. They are so close in their appearance that they are often mistaken for their genuine counterparts. If you are considering a fake, diamond hybrids are the best choice. The difference in authenticity of real diamonds and diamond hybrids is that genuine diamonds are made by nature and nothing beats the natural thing. Diamond hybrids are made up of tiny diamond crystals aligned as one. They have also been able to accomplish what most real diamonds haven’t, a color quality of F-G, which makes them completely perfect according to the GIA scale.

Fake diamonds wish they were diamond hybrids mainly because of their obvious secret. They use real diamonds, which make them a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to imitate the fine jewel along with their effortless appeal and elegance gives them their edge. Diamond Hybrids were made to last forever.

Fake Diamonds And Diamond Hybrids


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