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Often natural pearls and cultured pearls come to mind when looking for cultured pearl necklace. Both natural and cultured pearls are identical when it comes to formation of pearls. Both type of pearls are comprised of nacre layers. Natural pearls are formed when a small foreign object, such as a parasite or a grain of sand enters in the gonad or mantle tissue of a mollusk or oyster. In case of cultured pearls this mantle tissue is implanted surgically. After that process of formation of pearls is the same. In a defensive response to the irritant, the mollusk secretes nacre as a smooth, protective coating around the irritant and with multiple concentric layers of nacre, eventually pearl is formed.

The principle difference between natural pearls and cultured pearls is the thickness of nacre. Premature harvesting leads to thinner nacre and pearl farms constantly try to get the best quality cultured pearls every harvesting season. Since natural pearls are rarity now, all type of pearls are cultured pearls and cultured pearl necklace is made with various types of pearls such as freshwater pearls, akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South sea pearls. Cultured pearl necklace come in various necklace lengths, sizes and colors. Pearl luster and the quality of any cultured pearl necklace are paramount and priced accordingly.

Freshwater cultured pearls are grown in mollusks that live in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers rather than in the sea. Freshwater pearls are produced in mussels and saltwater pearls that are commonly known as akoya pearls are produced in oysters. China and Japan are the major producers of these cultured pearls – freshwater pearls and akoya pearls. Tahitian pearls come from Tahitian island and its neighboring areas. South sea pearls are grown mainly in Australia and Indonesia.

Because these cultured pearls come in a variety of shapes, colors and overtones they are very versatile and look very graceful and alluring. Elegant beauty of cultured pearl necklace is well recognized by all women around the world and demand for these cultured pearl necklaces is increasing every season. Besides classic white color cultured pearl necklace, pink and black are the other preferred choices for many women when it comes to buying cultured pearl necklace to suit their fashion and styles.



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