Synthetic Diamonds - Have They Been Perfected Enough to Be Used In the Jewelry Industry?

James Greene

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For many years, diamonds have only been available in a natural state. In other words, there was only one place of origin for the diamond which was a diamond mine. Recently, a new type of diamond has emerged known as the synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamonds are lab created gemstones which are becoming much more popular as the years progress. Many wish to know if these diamonds have been perfected enough so as to be used in the jewelry industry. However, before that question is discussed, it is important to highlight exactly how these diamonds are created.

How Are Synthetic Diamonds Made?

Synthetic stones start off as small diamond grains which are then put into machines which use both heat and pressure to process the finished product. In about four days or so, one will see the final result which is a beautifully constructed synthetic diamond. These synthetics are made in various labs throughout the country and as the popularity grows so do the amount of laboratories responsible for processing these stones. The gemstones come in all different sizes, shapes and colors which makes them even that much more desirable.

Have Synthetic Diamonds Been Perfected Enough for the Jewelry Industry?

As for the answer to the question of whether these gemstones have been perfected enough to hold their own in the jewelry industry, it can go both ways. Some individuals feel that synthetics are not as good as the real thing because they were not cultivated in the proper manner as those found in the various diamond mines. On the other hand, synthetics have a growing fan base of individuals who feel that since these diamonds are chemically identical to ones found in the mines, there is no reason not to readily purchase these lab-created gemstones. As the years progress, one will most likely find that synthetic diamonds may be as equally desirable as natural diamonds.

Positive Aspects of Synthetic Diamonds

There are a number of positive aspects relative to synthetic diamonds. First, as mentioned previously, synthetics and natural diamonds appear to be chemically identical to one another. Therefore, if there is no chemical difference between the two, then individuals should not be as hesitant to purchase a synthetic.

Another positive aspect of synthetic diamonds relates to cost. These types of gemstones tend to be less costly than their natural counterparts. In fact, one may often find a synthetic diamond to be around 15% less in cost than a natural with identical characteristics. This is a good amount of savings, especially when the two types of diamonds essentially have the same physical, optical, and chemical makeup as the mined natural.

These types of diamonds are also available in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes which make them highly coveted since certain types of natural diamonds may be out of reach for consumers. For example, if one is looking to obtain a pink diamond, they may have a better chance of doing so via the synthetic diamond route than by purchasing a natural diamond of this color. Labs which create these types of diamonds offer more choices to the consumers at times than a diamond mine would.

Lastly, synthetic diamonds are ones which appeal to the environmentally conscious groups who are concerned with the issues surrounding diamond mines. Some individuals like the idea of having their diamonds yet keeping in stride with their environmental standards and beliefs.

James Greene is a Graduate Gemologist and Master Gemologist Appraiser. James has been in the diamond, jewelry, and appraisal business for over 25 years and specializes in Insurance and estate appraisals.


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