Diamond Clarity - Is Flawless Always Better or Ever Better Than SI2?

James Greene

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When a diamond is being judged on a quality level, the one doing the judging usually follows the 4 C’s table. The 4 C’s are cut, color, clarity and carat. With regard to the clarity of the gemstone, this is the one factor which dictates whether there are any visible features included within the diamond. In general, a stone which has a wonderful clarity aspect surrounding it is going to look nicer than one which does not have this trait. Clarity is judged on a scale ranging all the way from FL, which is flawless, to I3 which is an imperfect diamond. Somewhere close to the flawless part of the scale is the SI2 rating and many have wondered if a flawless diamond is always better or ever better than that of an SI2 stone.

Is a Flawless Stone The Best When Compared With an SI2?

Before answering the question concerning whether a flawless diamond is always better than an SI2 version, it is important to describe both types of stones briefly. A flawless gemstone is one which does not have any visible imperfections when viewed under a 10-power magnification by someone trained in the business. An SI2 on the other hand is a gem which looks clear of any imperfections when viewed without magnification but inclusions can be seen when viewed under 10-power magnification by someone knowledgeable in the jewelry trade. Therefore, if one was wondering which one was best by technical terms, the flawless gemstone would be the one. However, this is not the final and definitive answer which one should take away from this information.

Are Flawless Gems the Best Ones for Consumers As Opposed to the SI2?

Although in theory flawless diamonds reign supreme over SI2 ones, this is not to say that flawless stones are the best ones for consumers to choose when buying this type of jewelry. Since the inclusions in SI2 diamonds can only be seen by a trained professional using 10-power magnification, it would seem reasonable to assume that purchasing this type of diamond might be the best choice after all when compared to buying a flawless diamond. Due to the fact that wearers of these gemstones will rarely have friends, family members and complete strangers approach them with tools of magnification to look at their diamonds, it may seem perfectly clear that buying an SI2 stone would be the better choice for purchasers to make.

Reasons to Buy SI2 Gemstones Over Flawless Ones

There are quite a few reasons why buying SI2 diamonds as opposed to flawless ones might be the best bet for prospective gem purchasers. One of the more important reasons for buying an SI2 stone and not a flawless one is that nobody on the street will be able to tell if your stone is flawless or SI2. Since the inclusions in an SI2 can only be seen under strong magnification by those in the jewelry business, a diamond of this variety will appear just as beautiful as a flawless one.

Secondly, by purchasing an SI2 and not a flawless type of stone, the buyer is saving themselves a great deal of money and time in the long run. Flawless diamonds are much harder to come by than SI2 stones. In addition, should a purchaser find a flawless one that they wish to buy, the price that they are going to pay for the item will be quite steep. If one wants to buy a stone which is going to look fabulous on them and not spend a fortune while doing so, then the SI2 purchase might just yield the best gem in the end.

James Greene is a Graduate Gemologist and Master Gemologist Appraiser. James has been in the diamond, jewelry, and appraisal business for over 25 years and specializes in Insurance and estate appraisals. http://www.diamondmarketwatch.com


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