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When it comes to charm bracelets, it seems that gold is out. People prefer sterling silver charms because of their look. Somehow, silver just seems more appropriate for it. Sterling silver charm bracelets have the sophisticated look of jewelry, yet remain casual enough for daily use. Collecting is also an activity that comes with having a charm bracelet. Sterling silver charms are cheaper than gold ones and are tougher.

However, there are a lot of different sterling silver charms to choose from. This means that putting a sterling silver charm together can be a bit complicated. Here are some things you should consider when choosing sterling silver charms:

Age - When you are buying a sterling silver charm, you should definitely check if the charm is an antique. Popular charms today come from the world- war 2 Era. Often, these charms can be found in online auction sites such as E-bay. You need to be careful, however, as many charm dealers tend to hype their products by promoting them as “vintage", when they are not.

The age of the charm can also be used as a theme for your sterling silver charm bracelet. Buying sterling silver charms based on their age is not as uncommon as you think. This helps give your sterling silver charm bracelet an appearance of time-travel. This transforms you sterling silver charm bracelet into a time capsule, serving to remind you of times past.

Design - You should also try to buy sterling silver charms which have significant designs. These designs should hold special meaning either individually or as a group for you. When choosing a sterling silver charm design, people often look at these factors:

Symbolism - Some people tend to choose sterling silver charm designs based on their symbolism. Designs have different meanings and interpretations depending on the context of their usage. Because of this, you have to think of what a certain sterling silver charm design means to you before you get it. You should also consider what it could mean to other people.

Fit - Some people choose certain sterling silver charms because the designs fit into their theme. It is essential that a buyer has a specific theme in mind when buying sterling silver charms.

Now, the variety of designs of sterling silver charms gives plenty of leeway for fitting a charm into a theme. This, of course, can be attributed to the various interpretations of various designs. Fitting a sterling silver charm to a certain theme can be either blatant or subtle.

You could try to find a sterling silver charm that's obviously connected to other charms on your bracelet or you could choose to add one that has a special connection in terms of symbolism.

Memory - Some people choose specific sterling silver charm designs because these designs may trigger specific memories. For example, a sterling silver charm with a car design can trigger the memory of a special trip. People do associate events in their lives with certain images. Because of this, a sterling silver charm design can keep reminding a person of a certain cherished experience in his or her life.

Choosing sterling silver charms can actually be pretty simple once you have a clear idea of what you want. Being humans, however, we rarely truly know what we want so it's best to think carefully before reaching for your wallet.

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