Some Models are Big and Tall, Others are Not

Amy Pedersen

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Are you more of a big and tall type person or is the average size better for you is a terrific question to ask yourself when shopping. What size is it that you require when seated in your chair? This question applies to many different products, services or items for sale. Office Chairs are no different and it is important when picking your office chair, that you select the correct one for your body type.

When seated in your office chair you need to not only be comfortable but be assured that the chair you pick will work with your body type and the office chair model will work with your positioning in your workspace. Your body type and height can affect many of your purchases. It is not easy for the Big or Tall person to always find what it is they need when shopping.

Next time you go shopping for your next office chair, check out the selection, there may be 20 -30 different model chairs and only 1 or 2 different Big and Tall models. If you are a larger sized person, it is critical to your body health to pick a chair with the proper ergonomics and that can be positioned correctly for your body type or you will find yourself uncomfortable quickly.

Most Big and Tall Chairs of good quality should feature on them what the weight restrictions are and how much weight it can hold. But what many people forget is the height factor. Many larger people are not only large in size but height and many users that are not “bigger" than average still need to use a Big and Tall chair due to the height adjustment features these office chairs offer.

When seated in your office chair, you want your feet to be flat on the floor, your wrists positioned so they are relaxed and your eyes at the correct height for your computer monitor. In order to get the positioning correct for the taller individual, this can require a special cylinder height to find comfort ability. A cylinder is the mechanism under the seat that works the height adjustment mechanism allowing the user to adjust the seat closer or farther from the floor.

For the longer legged people out there, this can be hard to find for a good price. Keep shopping around, there are many big and tall chairs out there and many can also be custom ordered to choose your own cylinder heights or arm features. Online shopping seems to offer the most options when shopping for a Big and Tall model office chair. When walking into the average office department store, you may only find 1 or 2 models.

Online sites on places like eBay for office chairs or Froogle seem to offer the biggest selection for these models offering 4-5 big and tall office chairs each. With good customer service and the chance to shop around without leaving your home, it can also make it easier to find that hard to find product to go online with your search. These sites offer customer service and guarantees as well, at least the reputable ones do, making your office chair purchase less daunting.

With all of the selection out there, make sure to shop around and find the big and tall chair that is right for your body type and you will sit and feel more comfortably. Shopping for a big and tall model chair can be more challenging than shopping for the standard task office chair, but keep looking and you will find the right one.

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Author, Amy Pedersen is penned as Sit On This Ergonomics featured Ergonomic Insider. Having worked in the ergonomics and office industry for over 10 years now, she is currently co-founder of Sit On This Ergonomics, operating a number of Ergonomic Sites dedicated to office chairs and the practice of good workplace ergonomics for better seating and productivity.

Featuring a wide variety of executive, leather, mesh and task office chairs with an online sales catalog, their website also provides detailed ergonomic information on proper work chair positioning.


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