"Speck in God's Eye" by Lola (Bollom) Schroeder & William J. Bollom - Book Review


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A Speck in God’s Eye
by Lola (Bollom) Schroeder & William J. Bollom

iUniverse (2006)
ISBN 0595379508
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (10/06)

Lola (Bollom) Schroeder and William J. Bollom have co-authored this absorbing memoir of heartwarming stories, observations, and life lessons personally learned from their experiences.

Aptly dedicated to the authors’ “great-great-great-grandchildren and future generations, " the narrative covers a period of over 150 years and reflects how times have changed in this brief period of history.

The book is divided into four parts. Throughout part one, “The First Nineteen Years" the authors alternately share their remembrances of growing up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the impact of weekend visits to Spring Brook Cottage. Their experiences at the “Shanty" gave them a deep appreciation of the wonders of creation.

Part two relates Bill’s memories, including some insightful correspondence with his children. In Part three Lola shares her memories. Part four concludes with their views on spirituality and some other thought-provoking perceptions to ponder.

Bill’s family is a global family with foundations in the academic world of the University and exposure to world travel and cross cultural experiences. Lola’s life is centered on farming and life in the church community.

The contrasting lifestyles of Bill and Lola have influenced the diversity with which their children’s values are expressed. The authors demonstrate for the reader the uniqueness of the individual and the role each play in fulfilling their individual purpose in God’s handiwork.

Lola expressed it this way, “Is there a God? I am in awe that I should even ponder such a question. For I know that, among all humanity, I m but a speck in God’s eyes. " Bill’s thoughts were similar; he said, “I marvel at our collective existence on this earth and the mystery associated with it. How lucky we all are to have been conceived and to have lived on this marvelous speck in the infinite universe. "

“A Speck in God’s Eye" is more than a family memoir. It is a book about life, meaning, values, and struggles. It is a book about winning over adversity, perseverance in trials, and the joy of discovering self-worth and accomplishing personal goals.



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