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Each of these articles are free to read here on Ezine articles and each of them are part of my book The Musings of a Mad Prophet, where you can find on the extended author bio page of this site. I hope that these reviews will have you search out an article or two or perhaps purchase my book.

The reviews are done by Jimmy Massa, an author on Ezine articles.


I’ve seen Matthew witness to total strangers many times, and the tips he has outlined in this article are used by him regularly. I’ve seen him approach total strangers in a dull lifeless city and friendly ask them with a smile “how has your day been?” I’ve then watch him turn a friendly worldly conversation into a great testimony of Jesus Christ. The city of Sydney where Matthew lives is a lifeless city, and people have been hypnotized and conditioned to exist in their own world and not reach out to anyone they don’t know. If you watch everyone march to work in the morning they seem like herds of lemmings with tunnel vision, that simply have no comprehension of the epic problems that mankind is currently facing. People are lost in the darkness and they need a taste of the light, even if it’s just for a moment.

When your living in a constant cycle of the same repetitive lifestyle of working Monday to Friday and getting drunk on Saturday, the novelty begins to wear off and you start to wonder about the true meaning of life. I was saved and lead to Jesus Christ by a Christian missionary who I met on the street that uses the same methods Matthew has outlined in his article. These tips are the perfect formula to winning the lost in a city lost in darkness. I admit people in the city are conditioned to be very defensive, but the tip’s Matthew has outlined are a perfect formula to penetrate that defensive wall the Devil has created around humans. Once you penetrate this defensive wall that the Devil has created around human beings by asking them questions, then you can begin to let the light of Christ shine. If they are lost in the darkness, the light will shine in the darkness and the darkness won’t comprehend it.

If you follow these tip’s to witness to strangers about Jesus Christ, you will not only be following the tips but you will be following Jesus Christ and he will make you fishers of men!

Happy fishing!


I found this article emanating with the truth and the power of God. With so many injustices and wicked things happening, God must really weep when he looks down upon earth. This article is the clear and unadulterated voice of a God who cries out for justice and who desperately wants his people to repent, and to demand major changes from a corrupt and evil government. God also speaks through Matthew and gives us a major insight into how the Mardi Gras was to commence 3 days after the hurricane, it’s clear God was trying to show us he didn’t approve of the Mardi Gras and he sent the hurricane as a sign and message. The prophecies and fresh words from God in this article give us the revelations we need to help perceive our present world through the eyes of our God. It’s a painful perspective, because God looks at our present world situation through weeping eyes that make his heart ache with sorrow.


This article really sent a tingle up my spine and got me all fired up. The Rocky movies are so passionate and Matthew relates them to the Christian walk and life in Christ in such a remarkable way. As Christians we are called to fight just like Rocky, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ” (Ephesians 6:12). When you start out as a Christian with a small fire burning in you, you really feel like an underdog just like Rocky with all the big corrupt churches and their power preaching a false gospel and deceiving the masses. You want to reach people with the truth and cut the false Shepard’s with the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. It seems like an impossible task to really sock it to the enemy and get people to follow Christ and his pure unadulterated gospel.

The false Church system and the pagan Egypt we live in is like a giant Apollo Creed that seems impossible to beat in a fight. When I think of Rocky it gives me the motivation and hopes that if I put all my heart into something and depend on God nothing shall be impossible (Rocky always prayed to God before his fight began! He knew he needed God’s spirit to help him achieve the impossible). Rocky was an illustration of what a real prophet is, a real prophet is a man who relies totally on God and no matter how hard he gets hit, he will keep getting back up and throwing punches at the enemy! Never die, never give up no matter how hard you get hit, just keep getting up and fight with all your heart, all your strength, all your power, all your love, everything you got!

To be a Prophet of God you gotta have the eye of the Tiger!!!!!!!


There is more to schizophrenics and mentally ill people in general than their mind playing tricks on them. It’s a spiritual problem and not just a carnal problem related to the brain. I’ve experienced so-called mental health issues before and all the doctors did to me was bomb me out with a sedating medication, it’s clear mental health professionals don’t have the ultimate cure for mental illness, because mental illness has a spiritual root to it. The doctors may be able to hide some of the symptoms but the root of the problem can only be cured by God through his Son Jesus Christ.

Matthew is right that some nasty manifestations schizophrenic people have are actually demonic manifestations coming from a demon. Some schizophrenic people have had voices tell them to harm somebody, and they will obey the voice and actually harm someone, this is the voice of a demon, because demons want to destroy lives and cause people problems.

One story that touched my heart was the story of Matthew going to a psychiatric ward and leading schizophrenic patients to Jesus Christ. One woman in the ward said she was hearing nasty voices that upset her, Matthew then stated if she wanted to hear the peaceful voice of Jesus and the woman responded that she’d give it a try. When the woman heard the voice of Jesus she became at peace because the demonic nasty voice had disappeared, and all she could hear was the soothing voice of Jesus Christ. Jesus said in the bible that only He can give us true peace, and this incident clearly illustrates how Jesus can really set the captives free and give us peace


I’ve seen amazing responses from people when Matthew gives them a prophecy, he is almost always spot on and the Lord has certainly given him the gift of prophecy. I found this article faith building and it gave me a lot of hope and a goal to achieve in my Christian walk. Often in Christian circles people are told the gifts of the Holy Spirit don’t exist anymore and that was for only back in Jesus time. Matthew demonstrates through this article that the gift of prophecy and the other gifts of the Holy Spirit are not dead, but they are still alive and well and are available to every Christian if they just reach out for these precious gifts and take up their cross and follow Christ.

Most people and churches don’t have these gifts because they don’t follow Christ, they live in the world and want to drive their fancy cars and live in vanity while they attend church once a week. This is not following Christ and that’s why most of these churches don’t get the gifts of the Holy Spirit because they simple do not follow Christ and forsake all. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in particular the gift of prophecy is greater than any sports car or big house, the gift of prophecy is a supernatural gift from heaven and it will never rust nor corrode. The gift of prophecy can also bring joy to a person and touch their heart. When you see a spark of hope and joy in someone’s eyes after you give them a prophecy, you start to realize that money could never buy you the really precious treasures in life. The precious gift of prophecy is a gift from Heaven available to all those who follow Jesus Christ, but sadly not many churches or so-called Christians do not have this gift, because they simply do not obey Jesus. Matthew has this gift because he obeys Jesus commandments and walks in the spirit and does not try to serve God and mammon, but he serves God 100%.


I found this article very compelling and moving. They often say the greatest artists and the greatest men and women of our time were those who endured tremendous hardships and sorrow. I’ve personally experienced great sorrow that broke my heart, but it made me more compassionate and closer to God just like Matthew describes about his own life. The bible says “Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better. ” (Eccl 7:3). This article showed me the pain Matthew went through and the sorrow that encompassed his heart, it was sorrowful for me to read, but I know that the sorrow made his heart better, and it brought him into a closer relationship with God.

Matthew was put through the furnace of affliction when his wife and son left him, and as a person who has lost his family too I can relate to his pain. Even though Matthew was put through the furnace of affliction when he became suicidal and longed for his family, he came out of that furnace as gold. He now has a heart like King David and he loves and fears God as his years of sorrow have brought him into close communion with God, but the most important part of Matthews ordeal is that it gave him compassion on other people, when Matthew sees someone with a lonely and hurt spirit he reaches out to them, because he knows how they feel. This article showed me that sometimes tragedies in our lives can be a blessing in disguise and they can transform us into the person God wants us to be.

Matthew has been tried by God through all these tragedies in his life but he has come out as gold. I think this article is a testimony of this verse in the bible, “When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold. ”(Job 23:10). I encourage any Christian or non-Christian who is going through a hard time and considering suicide to study this article and learn from it. I’ve considered suicide in the past and I can honestly say that if I ever think of suicide again, I would read this article to give me hope and help me see the light.


This article helps us to understand the humanity of Jesus Christ, although He was the Begotten Son of God who performed signs and wonders and possessed miraculous powers he was very human. This article left me with tears in my eyes because it really shows us that Jesus had human emotions and qualities as well.

When Jesus finds out that John the Baptist has been executed we see Jesus reacts like any compassionate man whose friend has been murdered, he cries and his heart burns with sorrow. I felt like I was one of the disciples experiencing and seeing these events first hand. The article drew me closer to Jesus and after reading it I felt my relationship with Jesus was more intimate. When you begin to understand your lover more over a period of time your relationship becomes more intimate, and this article certainly helped me to understand Jesus more, and it made my relationship with God the Son even brighter and more intimate.

If you read this article you will read the gospels with a supernatural perspective, and the stories in the bible about Jesus healing people and how the 5000 were fed will come even more to life before your very eyes.


This article gives us a deeper understanding about the relationship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. It also paints a picture about the details of Mary Magdalene’s life and how she was drawn to Jesus. The article helps us understand Mary Magdalene’s perspective on life and how the taste of riches and carnal pleasures were not satisfying her. We are shown how the fountain of spiritual water Jesus gives to Mary fills her every desire, and are the only thing that can truly satisfy her. Many people could relate to this story, because once you start accumulating wealth you start to realize it may fill your bank account, but it doesn’t fill the emptiness in your heart. Mary shows us that only Jesus Christ can fill the emptiness in our hearts.

If you’re a Christian who reads this article, when you read the gospels again, the stories of Mary Magdalene and Jesus will come to life like you’ve never seen them before, you will feel like you know Mary as a personal friend and you’ll feel like your helping her wash Jesus feet. If you’re a non Christian this article will help you understand why only Jesus can make you truly happy and satisfied.


This article shows us how the author Matthew Robert Payne has a supernatural phone connection with the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew gets a message from the woman in Mark 5:24-34 and she explains to us how the touch of Jesus garment changed her life forever, and how the opportunity to touch his garment was an answer to lifelong prayers to God. This article will move you to tears when you see how compelling and how deep it touched people when they were healed by Jesus. When you read this story in the bible after reading this article you will see it in a different dimension. We are shown how only the love of Jesus can help people in desperate need. Religion won’t fill anyone’s heart and heal them. Only the true emotional love and power of Jesus Christ can heal and satisfy their heart’s longings.

We are also shown how it touched Jesus heart and pleasured Him to heal people of their afflictions. Jesus didn’t just go around healing people just to show off, he healed people to show them that God loved them and cared for them. The bible tells us God is love and this article shows us, that God in the flesh loved us with an undying love when he came to earth to heal the people of their infirmities, and if Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever; that means he still loves us as much as he did back then and that we can still be healed!


In this emotional and human story Matthew compares his own life to the story of the prodigal son. We see how today’s traditional once a week church services don’t do much help for the average sinner who is lonely and in need of: daily support, fellowship and love. Matthew identifies the problems that the average sinner has, and explains to us that only the love of Christ can win them into the Kingdom; abuse and finger pointing is not going to win sinners into the Kingdom of God. Church people who have been brought up in stable homes with a tight family, forget that a lot of these sinners have been brought up with neglectful parents and are very lonely, and often a prostitute or stripper gives them the love they yearn for. Going to a Sunday church service once a week for one hour doesn’t last long, and by Monday the loneliness and emptiness returns. Christians need to reach out to people in a deeper way, and they need to become more involved in the lives of the sheep that walk into their fellowship.

Tending to a sheep for one hour a week is not long enough, a sheep needs to be tendered to daily and it needs love all the time, otherwise the sheep is going to stray to other places to get love and fellowship. This article displays the love our God has for all His Children; the bible says “there’s none righteous. ” Nobody is righteous only our Lord Jesus Christ, we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. If you think your too bad for God and that you could never become a Christian, then I dare you to read this article and I promise you that you will look towards God in a new light, and that you will believe that you too can become a child of God regardless of how bad you think your sins are.


This article helps us understand and look at the real story behind a woman who is involved in prostitution and the sex industry. Often Christians and non Christians judge women involved in the sex industry, but they don’t fully understand the circumstances behind how the women got involved in sex work. Most people look upon a prostitute and judge her merely upon her reputation and looks, and they don’t look into the prostitute’s heart and see her as human, they just see her as a thing. Prostitutes are human beings with feelings, and a lot of them haven’t been blessed with the same life and upbringing of your average traditional church goers. People need to understand the behind the scenes life of a prostitute and what is really in their heart and how we can reach out to them.

Jesus showed us in John 8 that prostitutes need to be looked upon in compassion, and we need to reach out to them with compassion and love instead of pointing our fingers at them. Pointing our fingers at sex workers, sex clients and customers of the sex industry is an act of the Pharisee’s, but reaching out to these people with; love, compassion and inviting them to your home for dinner with your family is the act of Christ. Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves, so the next time you see a prostitute working on the corner of your street instead of calling the police, buy her a coffee and some dinner and tell her about Jesus Christ.

Matthew shares his heart in these articles and can be found at http://www.online-prayer.net You can read more of his articles at his link below.

If you want a copy of his upcoming book of articles which will have the first sixty of the articles on this web-site called “The Musings of a Mad Prophet" please contact Matthew via email so he can contact you around February 2007 to tell you of the progress of the book.


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