Nursing Uniform Styles Run The Gamut


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Anyone in the market for a new nursing uniform will soon find out there are a whole lot of options out there. From basic white dresses to more comfortable pants and shirt combinations, the clothing designed for this profession is no longer ‘one type fits all’.

Before jumping in and buying a whole lot of nursing uniforms for a new job, however, it’s a good idea to research a few things. The first and foremost consideration should be the requirement of the hospital, clinic or doctor’s office in question. Some require specific nursing uniform styles be chosen and others don’t care as long as it fits the bill. Asking is vital though to ensure five pants combinations aren’t purchased when white dresses and hats are required for the job.

Once a nursing uniform choice is clarified, those shopping for them will find there is a huge variety to choose form. Nursing uniform options include:

* Basic whites. That good, old fashion nurses’ dress made famous in so many hospital shows is still the norm in many places. However, as nurses find themselves working long 12-hour shifts in many cases, the rules requiring this stlye of nursing uniform have relaxed in a lot of areas.

* Colorful creations. There are nursing uniform options now available in just about every color under the sun. From pants and shirt combinations to dresses, and, unless it’s the policy, there’s no need to just think white. Pediatric nurses, for example, can find all kinds of fun color choices and scrub nurses might find there’s more than hospital green at their disposal.

* Patterns. This type of nursing uniform tends to fall in the domain of the pediatric nurse, but that doesn’t mean fun, whimsical uniforms aren’t allowed on other units, as well. From puppies and kittens to clowns, ducks and beyond, there are all kinds of great topper choices designed specifically for nurses.

* Materials, cuts. Nursing uniform options also vary in the materials used and the type of cut created. From short and long sleeve dresses and tops in cotton and polyester to linen and beyond, there’s a lot of choice on this front, too.

The options in nursing uniform styles have come a long way since the days of mandatory dresses and white only. Variety is the spice of life and nurses who find themselves with potions where they can make a few choices will soon see there’s no end to the variety offered them in nursing uniform styles.

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