Reflecting Love Off The Brilliance of Wedding Rings


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The wedding ring is a time honored tradition passed down throughout the ages and varies in tradition across different cultures. No matter what the cultural history, a wedding band is an unmistakable symbol of love and fidelity shared between two people. There are as many rings available today as there are people with different tastes. When choosing what type of wedding bands to purchase, as a long lasting emblem to honor the commitment between you and your loved one, there are many different factors to consider.

If going for a more traditional symbol the heritage of both families may be very important to consider as the use of wedding rings varies throughout the world. For instance, a popular Greek tradition is the use of gimmal, or puzzle rings. These rings often consist of two, four, six, eight, or twelve bands and are popular for use as men’s wedding rings. The idea behind them was that the man could not cheat on their loved one without having to really consider the consequences because they would have to first take their ring off and then put it back together. It is said that these rings are very tricky to put back together no matter how much experience a person has with them and such rings are growing in popularity all over the world especially in North America.

Another style of ring that is growing in popularity in North America these days is that of the Celtic wedding ring. Many find that they have ties to the Celtic isles, while others chose these beautiful rings simply for their symbolism and style. Celtic wedding rings range from the more familiar claddagh rings, which are used as symbols for love and friendship, to a wide variety of Celtic patterns. They are beautiful and also make great men’s wedding bands due to the styles and colors associated with such artistry.

Looking to have a diamond ring wedding? Many people simply have custom rings designed for them these days and with the master craftsmanship of today’s jewelers, it’s no wonder. Whether you are looking for gold wedding bands encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, no order is too tall. Custom patterns such as family crests or mutually designated symbols can also be engraved into wedding rings upon request. Just remember that when it comes to wedding rings if you are going to be wearing it on your hand all the time, you want it to be comfortable, so you may not want to overdo the amount of jewels that appear on the ring. If, however, the ring will only be worn around the neck or on special occasions or only the engagement ring worn day to day, you may wish to go elaborate.

Whatever the motivation for the style of wedding ring you and your spouse decide to choose, remember to pick something intimate that will be a reminder of the love that you share for one another. A ring is just a ring, but it’s the love that the ring symbolizes that is the most important investment of all.

Gillian Cooper is a wedding planner with many years experience of helping couples plan their big day. Get further wedding ideas at Weddings Bliss this is your first stop for information about planning your wedding.


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