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In some cases, following the so called conventional wisdom may be your worst possible option. This is not because conventional wisdom is necessarily wrong, but because it is usually applied to a general topic, not a specific situation. And if you apply it to your specific situation, you could completely miss something critical.

Beaded jewelry sometimes gets a bad rap from those who are not all that familiar with the totality of the type of jewelry that is made this way. Usually opinion of beaded jewelry is derived from observing the very cheap jewelry that sells for under $5. Of course, such cheap, knock off jewelry is only a small fragment of the entirety of what comprises this specific type of jewelry.

Beaded jewelry is craftwork. And as such, it takes an unbelievable amount of skill to make it and to make it look good. Like anything else that falls under the category of craftwork, beaded jewelry takes a great deal of skill and effort to create and some of the results of this labor is jewelry that is highly artistic in nature and appearance. Needless to say, if people were familiar with this elevated form of beaded jewelry making they would not subscribe to the stereotypical opinions of what constitute beaded jewelry.

One significant misperception about beaded jewelry is that it is costume jewelry. Now, this is not always true (although it often is). While there is definitely a ton of costume jewelry out there on the market, there is also a great amount of this type of jewelry that is made with precious metals. Gold jewelry, silver beaded jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry are all available on the market, albeit at a fairly high price.

Beaded jewelry is shrouded in a lot of misconceptions; however, if you do not have a closed mind about what you should and should not wear as jewelry, you may want to give it a chance. If not, you could consider giving it to a loved one who is more open to different styles and different looks.

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