Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Diamonds


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When you first received your diamond and whatever setting it came in, it was shiny and sparkly and full of fire. However, as the days or weeks or months have gone by it has slowly been accumulating a residue and causing it to dull. Everyday, in fact, your diamond will collect dust, oils from your skin and all kinds of other dirty grime that erodes its luster.

In order to help your diamonds retain their brilliance it's important to clean them and keep them clean. It only takes a few minutes to bring them back to their original beauty and with a little care it's easy to keep them that way.

Tips For Cleaning Your Diamonds

1. When cleaning your diamonds, use a small brush that has soft bristles. Eyebrow and lipstick brushes work great. Soak the brush in bowl of warm water that has been mixed with a mild detergent, or, your jeweler will often provide excellent diamond cleaner when you make your purchase.

2. Immerse your diamond jewelry in the water and detergent solution. Slowly and while your diamonds are still immersed, brush your diamonds with the soft bristles of the brush.

3. Make certain you have completely brushed the diamond and then rinse it completely clear of any soap or suds that may remain. An easy way to do this if you are cleaning multiple pieces of jewelry is to place them in a kitchen strainer with small holes and then run them under the faucet.

4. Finally, using a cloth that is lint free pat them dry. Good cloths for this purpose are the kinds that opticians supply with new glasses, or cloths supplied by the jeweler where you purchased your diamond.

If you find yourself needing to clean your diamonds quite frequently, and if your jeweler did not supply a diamond cleaning kit, you will probably want to purchase a kit designed specifically for cleaning diamonds. Typically these kits come with a ready-made solution, brush and a strainer for dipping your jewelry.

When selecting a commercially produced cleaner be sure to read the label and ensure that it is safe to clean your particular diamond item with it. Some cleaners are better than others for particular purposes and some cleaners may also cause damage to your diamond or the setting it is in.

Finally, if you are in need of a more serious method of cleaning diamonds you may want to look into the purchase of an ultrasonic diamond cleanser. These are machines that clean your diamond via high-frequency turbulence and can complete the cleaning process in a matter of minutes.

To keep your diamonds sparkling longer after you have cleaned them, try to avoid touching them with your bare fingers or any type of oily substances as these will again leave a residue on your diamond and re-attract all of the dirt and grime you have just cleaned off. Of course, if your diamonds don't get dirty, you won't have an excuse to clean them.

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