Why Good People Make Bad Choices - by Charles L. Allen - Book Review


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Why Good People Make Bad Choices
by Charles L. Allen

Loving Healing Press (2007)
ISBN 9781932690255
Reviewed by Susan Pettrone for Reader Views (8/06)

Within the framework of this 19 Chapter book, the author, Charles Lawrence Allen puts into perspective for the reader, the ego, it's agenda within our lives and how we, the reader, can find peace of mind and happiness through integrity. We learn from the beginning how good choices and bad choices can affect our lives to thepoint of destroying integrity. We learn how to recognize, foster and finally keep integrity foremost within our lives. And we learn that when integrity is foremost, our lives are happier and calmer, as well.

Integrity is often spoken of in everyday life, but if truth be known, few know exactly how to define integrity. Integrity is predictable, trustworthy and dependable. Simply put, in the book, “…you can count on integrity". My oldest son takes Taekwondo, and in his training he has been given some wonderful advice by his instructors. Taekwondo is a sport that is built upon trustworthiness and integrity and the instructors teach the students not just the forms of the sport, but also how to apply the tenants to their lives through simple, easy to understand examples. One statement about integrity has often been used in this way, “Anyone can do the right thing when others are watching, but it takes a person with integrity to do the right thing when there is no one there. " This is a simple sentence but one that seems to fit the author's description of integrity well. It is oftentimes hard to “do the right thing" when no one is there to judge you but yourself, but the person of integrity does that right thing and he does it without thinking. The hardest thing about integrity is to have it when no one knows it is being challenged.

I was intrigued with “Why Good People Make Bad Choices" and it's take on integrity. The book is a worthwhile read, and one that is filled with important information and advice. However, I feel it could be improved and made more accessible by streamlining some of the excess wordage. That said, I would still recommend this book to anyone who might be looking for a way to find happiness and peace of mind in their lives. It is well organized, expertly researched and filled with lists and examples that will appeal to an array of readers.

This book would be an excellent addition to the library of any counselor, student of sociology/psychology and those who practice martial arts as well. For while the information is definitely written in a “self help" way, this book could easily further cement a strong belief system already in place. As we all are on a constant journey toward bettering ourselves, “Why Good People Make Bad Choices" is a wonderful tool to help us stay on the straight path toward happiness and peace of mind!



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