"The M.O.O.D. Lounge" By Zondra Hughes - Book Review


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The M. O. O. D. Lounge by Zondra Hughes Lulu (2007) ISBN 9780979166600

In “The M. O. O. D. Lounge" men finally have learned to *** satisfy women. In doing so, they manage to set back the women’s movement by decades. In a form of *** enslavement, the women have reassumed their roles to serve men, and they also start supporting them. This all includes doing their cleaning, cooking, and taking care of them financially. The men have started staying at home and not doing anything except engaging in their own *** interests and pampering themselves. This is not acceptable.

Sex therapist, Dr. Pat Rizzo, who says, “Women are being sexed into stupidity, " has created the M. O. O. D. Lounge to help women overcome their *** dependence upon men. She calls this condition “Lover’s Lobotomy Syndrome, " or LLS. Using survey results for women, Dr. Rizzo carefully selects three women who all have major cases of LLS. M. O. O. D. stands for “Multiple Orgasms on Demand. " It is described as “a self-esteem-enhancing journey into erotica that takes courage, *** awareness and honesty. "

The cases of the three selected women are reviewed using sex diaries, observations, and confessions. Their names are Dru, Fawn, and Eva. Each one has a very interesting story to tell about their dysfunctional relationships. Dr. Rizzo has them form a support group in which they first must accept that they have LLS and that their lovers are really losers. The next step is to teach these women how to *** satisfy themselves. This involves using B. O. B. s, which are battery operated boyfriends. Once the women learn how to please themselves, it lessens their dependence upon men. This allows women to become more selective about the men that they choose to have in their lives. The men that are worth salvaging can be taught to be worthy lovers.

I really enjoyed reading “The M. O. O. D. Lounge. " The author Zondra Hughes has written a fun fictional novel that has capitalized on an issue that seems to be coming too real in our society. There are plenty of real women that would be diagnosed with LLS. At first, the characters in this story seem to be exaggerated in their behaviors with men. That is what makes it fun to read. As I read and reflected on this issue, the more I thought about how many real women could be in this story. In the back section of the book there is a “MOOD Manual, " that offers some great advice on *** self-satisfaction and becoming a strong empowered woman.

“The M. O. O. D. Lounge" is a must read, especially for women’s groups. The discussions that can come from this book will range from hysterically funny to thought provoking. Women really need to read this to take back their power!



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