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Book Review: Time Management for Unmanageable People

Janet Barclay

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By the time they seek the help of a professional organizer, many people have already read countless books about getting organized, only to become frustrated when they’re unable to apply the authors’ suggestions. While teaching time management courses, author Ann McGee-Cooper noticed that the prescribed systems worked well for half of the class, but that the others had reverted to their previous methods in less than a week.

Studies show that the two sides of the brain control different modes of thinking, and that most individuals have a preference for one side or the other. The preferences located on the left side of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® type chart (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judging) correspond to left brain thinking, and those on the right side (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving) correspond to right brain thinking. It is not surprising that many time management experts are left-brain thinkers for whom organization comes naturally. Unfortunately, their suggestions are often ineffective for right-brain thinkers, due to the different ways they process information. McGee-Cooper recognized this fact, and set out to write a guide on time management for right-brained thinkers. As a right-brained individual who has overcome traits of dyslexia, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder to become a successful author, lecturer, business consultant, creativity expert and business owner, Ann McGee-Cooper knows her subject matter well, and presents her information clearly and with a sense of humor.

This book is fun, and so is McGee-Cooper’s approach to time management. She encourages the reader to make important information stand out on his or her calendar by using highly visual cues such as colors, pictures, symbols, or stickers, and to reduce stress by incorporating play time into daily life. With self-assessments, helpful hints, time-related quotes, and humorous illustrations, even left-brained thinkers are sure to enjoy reading this book and to find some ideas for fine-tuning their own time management systems.

Janet Barclay, Organized Assistant, offers a variety of professional quality services to support entrepreneurs and other individuals who are overwhelmed by the demands and technology of the 21st century. For further information or to request a subscription to her monthly ezine, The Organized Assistant Resource, please visit her website at


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