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Human Hair Wigs Versus Synthetic Hair Wigs


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The debate continues as to which are better, human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs. In the end, most people are able to come to the same general consensus: for a natural look, nothing beats a human hair wig. For price, synthetic wigs are best. Here are some more benefits and disadvantages of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

  • Longevity - Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic ones, when properly cared for.
  • Styling - You can use hot styling tools, like curling irons and blow dryers, on human hair wigs, but not on synthetic ones!
  • Heat - Similarly, if you have a human hair wig, you do not have to worry about standing near heat sources like hot, open ovens and barbecues and fireplaces.
  • Dye - You can style and dye your human hair wig however you choose. Of course, it is not recommended that you dye your wig multiple times, because doing so could potentially damage it.
  • Natural styles - Because you can continually change the style of a human hair wig, it makes a much better option for anyone who plans to wear the wig every day – it is much more natural to have a different style every once in a while.
  • Natural feel - Human hair wigs feel much more natural when you run your fingers through them – after all, they are made from natural hair!
  • Breathability - Wearing a synthetic wig can make your scalp perspire because of the lack of breathability. Human hair wigs breathe much better.
  • Keep its style - A benefit of a synthetic hair wig is that it will keep its style, after being washed. You must style your own human hair wig after it has been washed.
  • Price - Another big benefit of synthetic hair wigs over human hair wigs, as mentioned before, is the low price.
  • Remy - There are, of course, inexpensive human hair wigs. But it is important to note that most of these wigs are likely made from hair that has been processed and stripped of the cuticle. The best human hair wigs, like most products, are the most expensive ones. These are the ones that are monofilament wigs made from “Remy" or “European" hair.

Why must many of the human hair wigs undergo such processing? Well, most of the hair used to make wigs comes from Asian countries like China. Therefore, most of the hair donated is black and straight. Of course, not every one wants a wig made from straight, black hair. Some people want blond hair wigs or wavy hair wigs. To get these looks, the hair must be processed – it must be bleached and chemically treated. This processing damages the hair.

Remy human hair wigs are made from hair that still has the cuticle in tact. If you are spending a great deal of money on a human hair wig, you want to be sure that it is a Remy wig or a European one.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching, gardening, and fashion. For more of her articles on wigs, please visit Human Hair Wigs .


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