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Download Audio Books and Enjoy Your Favorite Books without Reading


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With today's online technology, there is a new way of reading books that's both convenient and affordable for the busy bookworm. Now you can download audio books and listen to your favorite book on your computer or on CD whenever and wherever you want. You can listen to someone else read while you do other activities and enjoy the story.

Audio Books Explained

Audio books are often called “the spoken word" because someone is reading a book for you.

Many fictional audiobooks are narrated by famous actors or people with intriguing voices to bring the characters of the book to life. So, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks about romance, comedy, suspense, or even horror stories with a sense of “being there" and living out the story!"

What does it mean to “Download Audio Books"?

If you've been online any length of time, you've probably downloaded software for your computer such as an anti-virus program, a photo-editing program or maybe even an e-book. Audio books are downloadable in the same way.

They are created with software that converts them into sound files that can be heard over a computer speaker or burned to a CD. It's like listening to your favorite music online, except it's a book being read to you!

To download audio books, you will visit an audiobook Web store, make your selection, and pay for your audio book. Then, you can download it according to the provided instructions. It's a simple process that only takes a few moments.

Audio Book Selections

At an audio book store, you can usually find hundreds (or even thousands) of downloadable audio books. In the fiction category, there are suspense, romance, horror, thriller, historical, comedy, war, classics and many other types of audio books so you can easily find entertaining books.

If you're interested in self-help audiobooks, there are audio books about hobbies, exercise and diet, good health and beauty, sports, and travel.

Other audio book selections include religion, history, arts and drama, business and marketing, and TV and film.

How and Where to Use Audio Books

When you download audio books, you can listen to the “spoken word" right from your own personal computer or you can save (or burn) the audio book file to a CD.

The CD can be played anywhere. The benefit of copying to a CD is you can listen to it in your car while traveling to work or taking a vacation. You can even download audio books for the kids to listen to on long trips.

What a lifesaver!

Another benefit is you can listen to the audio book on CD while cleaning your home, exercising, or doing outdoor tasks. If you have a busy schedule that doesn't allow much time for reading, audio books can make a great substitute.

To enjoy page after page of entertainment, download audio books online and build your listening library today!

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