Nylon Stockings for The Heel


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Women have used nylon stockings for more than 40 years. This was after people found it much better to wear instead of those originally made from silk.

The discovery of nylon to be used in making stockings has proven to be much cheaper in production. This doesn’t mean that silk has totally been phased out because there are still some companies in the world that make these products for the upscale clientele.

The majority of those that make nylon stockings continue making it in response to the demands in the market. Customers are happy that it doesn’t run easily unlike silk and it easy to dry once it has been washed.

But nylon stockings are not for decorative purposes. It has an important function of keeping the legs warm and the heel comfortable when the person puts on the shoes.

Is there one brand of nylon stockings in the market that can claim it is the best? The answer is no because all of these manufacturers use the same fabric and it really depends on how much the woman can afford.

Take for example a pair of nylon stockings from Givenchy. It doesn’t look that much different from one made by Calvin Klein. Both use 100% nylon and are stretchable.

The only difference between the two is the price. Givenchy costs $4.50 while a pair from Calvin Klein is more than four times for just one pair. If the customer doesn’t have that much money, many will surely settle with the one that is much cheaper.

There are those who think that a pair of stockings with a little more style can drive up the price of a pack bought in the department store.

A pair of stockings from contrasting foot, seam and welt from Stockingirl.com, which is online lingerie store fetches for $22. It doesn’t have to be this way when the customer can get the same item from My Divas Closet for just $10.

The different brands that sell these items gives people choices to get good value for money. Some companies even have promos every so often that will make the person save three or four dollars by buying three instead of just one.

The important thing then to remember when buying stockings is not only to look at the price but how comfortable it is on the legs. It may look good in the mirror but things can change when the heel touches the ground so it is best to walk around before buying it.

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