"Love and Freedom: Pathways to Personal Transformation" by Philip Ferranti: Book Review


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“Love and Freedom” assists the reader in obtaining authentic living with spiritual wisdom and truth. It provides strategies to empower one’s self and live as a real person.

Mr. Ferranti shows us how, with personal growth and development, we can live our lives with meaning and purpose; with happiness. He shows us the difference between a person and a non-person. A person being one who has been true to one’s self and has not been false to any other man.

“Love and Freedom” explores the context of personal development, the process of personalization, freedom from dependency, the power to love, the empowerment of one’s self, the virtues of being a person, and more. Mr. Ferranti shows us how to become free from an overactive mind. He explains how becoming a real person, and being aware of one’s worth and the worth of others is to act personally; be authentic.

In “Love and Freedom”, Mr. Ferranti provides a process for his readers to stop believing in ideas and people that lead us to make choices that prevent our achieving happiness. He provides simple steps to start living and participating in life in a personal way. Mr. Ferranti states that “Life is much more than survival. It is about the quality of our experience. It is about discovering some measure of happiness, making meaningful choices, and building up humanity in a personal way. ” He stresses that when we act in a personal way, life becomes more fulfilling; it is the key to knowing what matters in life and what doesn’t.

“Love and Freedom” focuses and provides strategies for living in the present moment, learning how to love authentically, developing character skills that allow us to live life effectively, and discovering our purpose in life.

This book is a guide to change our ways of thinking and living to become true to one’s self and to live a more fulfilling and enriching life.

If you are trying to overcome a troubled past, tired of the negative interaction with others, or just looking for a way to live life in a more personal and meaningful manner, then you should read “Love and Freedom”. It will provide you with the tools and strategies to live life in the present and obtain personal freedom.

Love and Freedom: Pathways to Personal Transformation by Philip Ferranti i Universe (2006) ISBN 0595394868 Reviewed by Robin Gix for Reader Views (10/06)



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