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Finding the right sports bra for a female athlete is just as important as a baseball player finding the right protective cup. However, there is less out there about sports bras. Before you go to purchase your sports bras, it’s best to research the different types of sports bras and what’s available to you as far as types available. Whether you’re a shapely woman or a small woman, finding your comfort zone is vital when playing a sport.

There are several different types of sports bra available to you all of which have offer great support but difference to fit your sports bra needs.

1) Hind Women’s Motion Sensor Bra: this bra is for the curvy figured woman. It offers great support without the bound up and stifling feeling some sports bras can create.

2) Front Zipper Sports Bra: this bra offers good support as well, with shaped cups and allows for some “breathing room. " Another asset of this bra is that is allows you remove your bra without pulling it over your head, which you have to agree is a huge plus after you’ve been all hot and sweaty.

3) Friction Free sports bra: This bra is wonderful if your upper body a lot while competing in your sport. It’s seamless and offers freedom of movement with little chaffing and rubbing.

4) Response Bra: This bra is seamless like the friction free bra, but still offers flattering shape for those that participate in more low impact activities.

5) Hotline Women’s top: If fashion’s your thing, this is the sports bra for you. Many women chose this sports bra for the fashion factor, however, they still report comfort and the ability to move soundly while exercising.

Whether you’re a full-figured woman or a woman with a little less to have to support, there’s a sports bra out there just for you. Research the different types of bras available and what the function of each bra is and you’ll be more satisfied with the outcome of your purchase.

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