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Robert Allen has been around for a while in real estate investment circles now, and his name is certainly well known. His “Nothing Down for the ‘90s" was a huge success, with over a million copies in print. Many people have attributed their real estate success to Robert Allen and his investing techniques.

While there's no doubt that many people have achieved great success using the techniques outlined in the original version of this book, it should also be pointed out that many of Robert's techniques are not for the novice or faint-hearted. There's also quite a lot of work involved, so don't make the mistake of thinking this is some type of get rich quick scheme.

It's also possible that you may not have the time or the personality to implement all of the different techniques he covers in this updated version of his bestselling book. However, the think I like most about Robert's new book is that he doesn't just give you one technique and that's it. Instead, he gives you a whole range of ideas and possibilities that can help you buy property no money down. So you can choose which ones suit your temperament and available time, and go for it.

Some of the strategies covered in the book include:

- Finance
- Building your monthly income
- Selling and trading properties
- Funding your retirement
- Foreclosures
- Negotiation techniques

Buying properties with no money down strategies is a fascinating and exciting way to build a real estate portfolio. It can also lead you into some tricky situations. Rather than learning all the lessons for yourself, it's good to know that you can refer back to Robert's book to help guide you when required. Personally, I've found some useful ideas that I can now apply to my own real estate investing deals. I have done no money down deals in the past, but there's no doubt that the process I went through was clumsy and awkward. Now I've absorbed Robert's strategies, I know I can streamline the process and get a lot more deals over the line with a minimum of fuss.

Certainly, if there's one fault to find with the book, it's the lack of attention to the risks. Getting involved in property, particularly when you're holding more than one property, always involves a certain amount of risk. It's important that before you start following any of Robert's strategies, you do a thorough analysis of the financial outcome, and make sure unforeseen circumstances are covered if at all possible.

Still, once you accept the risks involved and prepare for them, buying property no money down is a great way to move ahead in your real estate investing career. And Robert's new version of “No Money Down" certainly is one of the best books on the market that teaches these strategies.

If you want to learn more about real estate investing using no money down strategies, but really don't have the time to sit down and read for hours, why not try an audio book? You can download this title online, transfer it straight to your iPod or MP3 player, and listen while you're at the gym, walking the dog or in the car. It's that simple!

I like the way Robert Allen imparts the feeling that anyone can do this. And you know what? Anyone can, if they believe they can and put in the hard yards to make it happen.

If you want to purchase the audio book of "Nothing Down For The 2000s" , click over to David's site at You can also get a free book and tips newsletter at


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