"Inoculation Eternity: An Epic Trilogy on Life . . ." by Michelle D. Starr: Book Review


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Inoculation Eternity by Michelle D. Starr Xulon Press (2006) ISBN 1600345662 Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (10/06)

“Inoculation Eternity” is probably one of the most original books I've come across. It brings religion and fiction together to create a bizarre, yet intriguing novel. In this first book of a Trilogy, the author easily grabs you with a concept so unique that you may question your own beliefs.

Set in the realm of “Eternity", or as we would consider before the creation of mankind, the reader is introduced to characters most all of us have known via the Bible. Lucifer, Gabriel and many others that we have read about become the main characters in this story of before time began. With no real sense of the creation of the world as we know it, we see how the world was before mankind was brought into it. Creating an atmosphere of what seemed to be sheer happiness and perfection with characters that are simply entities more than anything else. The “head of eternity" or “Ancient of Days, " as He is referred to, would be known to most as our version of God Himself. He has created an atmosphere around Him of various entities with different talents and duties.

As time goes on we begin to see what happened before we were even thought of, including our very own world being created slowly as those throughout “Eternity" watch. We see how Lucifer begins to change and how it seems he becomes the biggest reason why we have our world as we know it today. As he transforms from a loving, obeying force into an angry, resentful creature we realize how much of our own world became filled not only with the beauty, love and happiness but the opposite of all that - created from Lucifer's demise as a ‘good’ entity.

Deep, intriguing, and often so intense you slip into another realm yourself, this book is just the beginning of an exciting trip of the world before we truly were ever given the ability to know it. The fact that the author put so much time and effort into delving deep into the Scriptures and many other thoughts and ideas presented is very obvious. Starr combines her own deep visions of what could have been with facts that most of us grew up knowing to create an intense, thrilling, sometimes frightful story of “Eternity" and the entities that live in it.

The Glossary and Scripture Reference section will help the reader bring the characters and written scriptures into the entire picture, creating a clear vision.

The only bad part of the entire book . . . we have to wait for second and third books to come out to complete this wonderfully creative Trilogy.



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