Pearl as Perfect Gift to a Career Woman

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The corporate world is a competitive field that not only scrutinizes a person’s skills and capacities but also the way a person presents himself or herself as an active part of the economy. This is so much so with a career woman in large companies and business enterprises – dressing up properly can make or break a woman’s success. If your wife or girlfriend is a career woman who wants to appear elegant and confident at work then pearls could probably be a perfect gift for her since pearls are considered the pinnacle of good taste and sophistication.

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for a career woman, pearls are their wise partners. Wearing garish jewelry such as large diamonds, dazzling gold, or blinding platinum is always considered a no-no in the corporate world because they are often thought as impractical is such a very practical setting. However, wearing no accessory may be considered to plain and boring for such a dynamic atmosphere. As such, a career woman is advised to wear pearl jewelry in the office instead. Pearls are not as flashy as those glittery stones that are only appropriate for the evening but are elegant enough to impose a commanding and sophisticated aura which is needed in the world of business.

Pearls are complex fruits of nature that result from oyster’s subtle, yet effective defense mechanisms. When an irritant implants onto an oyster’s sensitive flesh (whether accidentally as in natural pearls or intentionally as in cultured pearls) the mollusk secrets special coatings known as nacre to make the irritant more tolerable. The end product is a luscious and smooth gem that people refer to as a pearl. The very complex mechanism involved in producing pearls very well reflects the way in which career women works her way to the top of the corporate – subtle yet effective. Thus pearls can be the perfect gift for a career woman.

There are two general options when buying pearls: natural and cultured pearls. Natural pearls are those formed by nature through oysters in the ocean, without the help of humans. These pearls are deemed more valuable as they are quite rare and not readily available. Cultured pearls are those formed by oysters assisted by humans. These pearls undergo the same process as natural pearls but they are more abundant and more controlled. Both natural and cultured pearls are esteemed for their high value and both are thus appropriate as gifts for a career woman.

When buying pearls it is important to scrutinize its quality to ensure that good pearls are brought. To know that a pearl is authentic, you can rub it against your teeth or another pearl – if the pearl feels rough, it is real and if it is smooth, it is made of plastic. Apart from authenticity you have to watch out for other markers of quality for pearls such as shape, size, luster, color, and surface because a pearl may be real but not necessarily beautiful enough as a gift.

Here are important things to look for when buying pearls:

1. Nacre – this is what oysters and mollusks secrete to help them fight irritants. The nacre should be thick enough so that it does not easily peel or chip. Generally, the thicker the nacre, the more expensive the pearl.

2. Surface – the pearl surface should be very clean, having little or no blemishes in the outer layer. Pearls with good surfaces have mirror-like shimmer that makes them a perfect accessory for the career woman.

3. Size – generally, bigger pearls are more valuable than smaller ones. Pearls are measured according to their diameter in millimeters. Even as little as 1 millimeter can make a lot of difference in a pearl’s value.

4. Color – most people think of pearls as having white or creamy color, but there are other pearl colors such as gray, champagne, aqua, green, black, or gold. When choosing pearl colors it is important to consider the wearer’s personality and taste to make sure that it complements them.

5. Shape – perfectly round pearls are usually valued very much than those with oblate or irregular shapes. There are also pearls with novelty shapes such as crosses, Buddha, among many others.

Pearls can be the perfect gift to a career woman. It is elegant and valuable without being gaudy or showy – perfect for a woman who wants to present herself with sophistication and boldness in the corporate world.

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