What Would Go Best With Broadway Performances And Weddings

Victor Epand

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For any kind of Broadway, musical or ballet performance, I would recommend your best semi-formal clothing. If you wear pants, make sure they are wide-legged and drapery (like palazzo pants) made of a high-quality material and paired with a lovely, pretty blouse that has formal details. Think of what you might wear to an evening wedding and you'll be on the right track.

Personally, I would go with a skirt or dress. Have fun shopping, maybe take a friend with you, and use this as a chance to find which shapes and lengths really flatter your body. Have fun, and above all else keep in mind that you want to invest in formalwear with good fabrics, professional details, and lasting quality and appeal. No trendy stuff for this kind of purchase! You want it to still look great in 5 years.

What you are describing you can almost wear anything, if I was going I would pick a nice flowing dress . colors are so in this season and since you are slim you can get away with almost any color , but since you have red hair avoid wearing any shade or red , green would be perfect I think , look . . .better than talking here are some examples of what I think would be nice , and you can buy in Macys NY and are within your budget. You could even go with pantyhose.

Pantyhose or no pantyhose are an ongoing debate for many people. Here's my opinion. . . I do think that nude pantyhose are somewhat old-fashioned and rarely look good on most people. For older women with spider veins and other leg blemishes, they may be a good choice. For younger people, black or other dark colored tights are much more fashionable.

Bare legs should be fine for a day wedding if the temperature permits. Most churches in the U. S. A do not have a problem with women going bare-legged as long as the dress or skirt hem is not too high. Have your daughters smooth some moisturizer on their legs before getting dressed.

I recommend a moisturizer with a bit of shimmer and color to it, like any of the new drugstore brands that have recently come into the market to make your skin “glow". This gives the illusion of covered legs without the actual hosiery.

Look at Bloomingdale's web site. Click on Fall 1 or Fall 2 and you'll see a lot of the latest styles and trends. Leggings are huge. . . worn with big tops, layers and belts. Ballet slipper style shoes finish the outfit. Soft, feminine tops are also in style. . . think ruffles, gathers and so on. Jeans are skinny legged. Bermuda shorts in winter weights worn with tights or leggings are also popular as are short skirts paired with leggings. Colors tend to be more muted and dusty.

One of the best cuts created by man is wrap. Wrap dresses and tops are the greatest, no matter what shape you have they make you look slimmer, you have long legs and that is a great asset you have to use. If your bust is not as big as you were hoping, try and get one that is push up, but also that would push them together and you might want to consider padding. I mean the type of padding that can be pushed from the side to bring them together and you can wear a V neck top that shows it off.

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