Guide to Buying the Nylon Stockings that Fit You


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One of the enduring fashion staples in the world is the nylon stockings. This piece of clothing does not only support the legs but also provide style to outfits.

The black stockings for instance lend drama to an otherwise drab outfit while the skin-toned stockings hide away blemishes as well as conceal the legs from view.

Although girdles and garters are still being used today, some women find all the little knicks and knacks so hard to wear. Most prefer the pantyhose as this provide support and fit without all the other stuff.

But what do you consider when it comes to buying a nylon stockings?


Unless you can afford to spend so much money, the amount that you have to pay for one nylon stockings is one consideration in your choice. There are pantyhoses that you can buy for a dollar. There are even some that you can buy for less than a dollar.

These are nylon stocking that are not branded. When it comes to branded ones, you can go for Leggs, which will cost you about fiver dollars each pair or Woldorfs, which can cost you a whopping fifty dollars per pair. Both are good value for your money depending of coure on what you are looking for.

Other good quality brands that are not necessarily cheap but not ultra expensive either are Hanes, Round the Clocl and Jockey for Her, whose prices may range from five dollars up depending on the style and the material. Designer nylon stockings are also available at specialty and designer houses like Donna Karan, Christian Dior, and Calvin Klein.


Although there is not much importance in brands, some people consider this when buying their hosieries. There are people who stick to their trusted brand so they only buy the brands that they have already used in the past.


There are different kinds of pantyhoses and nylon stockings, depending on the materials that are used. Some are manufactured with sheer materials while others are made from opaque materials. There are even different levels of sheerness in some brands.

When using it during the day, the pantyhose is best to be a little bit sheer because too thick stockings during daylight may appear really heavy and dark. One disadvantage in wearing this is the fact that the material is so lightweight that it easily tears. For evenings, those stockings made from much heavier materials can be worn. It is also a good idea to look for pantyhoses that provide support to the legs. This is especially recommended for people who work while standing.

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