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Classical literature is an amazing source of masterpieces of writing of any genre and style. Everyone can find something of his interest in classical novels and works. In the following article I am going to look into stories of ancient writers and philosophers and especially I would like to stop on such literature work as The Iliad as one of the most prominent and outstanding works of the whole world literature history.

As part of a dialogue made by Phoenix, the take out is one directed at Achilles. Since he has, as a consequence of his “menis”, refused to enter fight with the Trojans, Achilles is focus to a series of appeals made by Odysseus, Aias and here, Phoenix.

It is Phoenix’s aspire that Achilles accepts Agamemnon’s offers of settlement and abandons his annoyance toward the son of Atreus. Then, it is hoped, with Achilles’ participation in the war, the Achians can upset the sense of peaceful in Trojan camps that was established at the end of Book Eight. Homer’s use of speeches in The Iliad is extensive. The length of Phoenix’s speech (it is the longest of The Iliad) suggests its consequence. It is one that comments on the categorization of both Achilles and the gods and the epic’s theme of resentment.

Phoenix’s convincing powers are apparent in this passage. His advice does not seem forceful. He uses the word “ought” at both the opening and the end of this channel. This replaces an substitute term, such as “have to”, that may cause Achilles to feel pressurised. He cannot meet the expense of to anger Achilles further. Instead he makes moral and emotional appeal, one that is particularly evocative of the valiant code.

Homer uses catalogue of virtues in “standing and respect and authority”. By outlining qualities that all soldiers trail, Phoenix appeals to Achilles’’ aspiration for gratitude as a great and dignified fighter. Having already complimented Achilles as “godlike”, he attempts to bring to mind the soldier’s objective. The fact that Phoenix was once a teacher of Achilles reinforces Phoenix’s persuasive abilities. Another aspect of the heroic code implied at here is the sense of obligation Achilles has towards this “old father” figure. Phoenix’s move towards is more effectual than that of Odysseus who directs Achilles’ attention to the material gifts that are offered him. Achilles’ main concerns are obvious when Phoenix’s speech heartens the delay of his leaving until “the viewing of dawn”. It is significant of Nestor that a warrior of an older age band would radiate such influence and perception.

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