Walking the Earth--Life's Perspectives in Poetry (Book Review)


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Walking the Earth is an inspirational anthology, exhibiting varied paths its seven poets ponder upon with wide-ranging points of view. In poet Vivian Gilbert Zabel's words, “Once we breathe first air/ We begin a journey/ Along a narrow path. " In fact this book's journey does travel “in faith to the end" since this compilation suggests a global, humanistic viewpoint throughout the poetry inside it.

Walking the Earth is not an anthology of any rigid stance and style or any precise group and nationality. In that sense, the general outlook of the book is motivational and the collection is diverse in its use of language and approach.

Inside the book are 137 poems and eight chapters, each pointing to a different topic. The chapters are: Enjoying Sunshine, Path of Life, Hidden in the Shadows, Views of Roses and Thorns, Love's Lyrics and Laments, Looking at Childhood, Growing Older, and Traveling in Faith.

While the poems stretch in voice and vitality and each poem points to a continent of its own, all poems reveal a strong attachment to life when crossing the terrain of a poet's soul. In I Walk for Me, Diane Steel asserts this attitude with “I begin my carefree saunter/ And choose my pace. " On his path, T. Larkin views himself as: “I wear the masks that mark my fakery/ slipping from one to the other without ever/finding a face of my own. "

In False Promises, Kimberly Ligameri chides life with, “Tantalizing me with false promises, /you play me for a fool. /What a wicked game/ I let you play. " Becky Simpson is more optimistic in Inches when she decides to be an inchworm and “go/to a goal beyond my sight/going from shadow to light. "

On the subject of motherhood, Holly Jahangiri shows her practicality and good humor with: “I pray I go to Heaven long before/My children come a-knocking on God's door/A brief respite, that's all I ask of Him:/Self-cleaning carpet and self-mopping floor. "

Jacque Graham aims for the divine in The Light that Shines: “Our flame is but one, /Fed by faith and by hope. "

An effective art of metaphor delights the reader with “In the Brook" by poet Robert E. Blackwell: “My eyes beheld another dream/Its sparkles dancing with the tide/And I arose and took the plunge/Into the waters to meet it. "

If someone should think that the prevalent incentive of Walking the Earth has been to show how well on-line poets can write, he would be mistaken, because these seven poets-at the same time, Writing.com poets-are more than just online poets. With professional writers and English teachers among them, they have other books in publication and a gamut of publishing credits.

Walking the Earth (ISBN 1411644476) is 178 pages in paperback and clear and legible print, with a table of contents in front and writer biographies and an index at the end. Since its four editors have shied away from what is ugly, disturbing, or shocking, this book could be a wonderful addition to any school or family library.

Joy Cagil is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Poetry . Joy Cagil's formal education is in linguistics, foreign languages, and psychology. She has also trained in visual arts, humanities, and women's issues.


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