Men's Wedding Bands: Who Wears 'Em, Who Doesn't


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You might be forgiven for thinking that men's wedding bands were so much the norm for married men these days that all husbands would choose to wear them. But, in some quarters at least, it seems that's not the case.

In some respects, perhaps, it's a generational choice. When I was married in the 80s it was quite usual for the groom to give a wedding ring to his bride but not to wear one himself. And I can think of many friends of about my own age who have married since that time and maintained the custom of the husband not wearing a ring.

But looking around me now in the America of the 21st century, it seems that the tide has turned. Almost every couple I know getting married these days exchanges wedding bands. Sometimes the bride and groom choose matching wedding rings together, sometimes their styles are so different that the woman chooses a jewel-encrusted band while the man prefers something a little more understated, such as a plain platinum or gold ring.

Like everything else about wedding styles, it all comes down to tradition, individual style choices and personal taste. And while I personally don't see anything untoward about a man preferring not to wear a wedding ring, it does seem that it's a choice that some people take as a statement.

Some people consider a man's willingness to wear a wedding band as a sign of his commitment to his marriage. For them, the man bears his ring as a badge of loyalty to his spouse - and, just as a wife is expected in most situations to wear her ring, why not her husband too?

But many of us know some men who are uncomfortable wearing jewelry - or at least feel intimidated by the choices and decisions that go with making such a purchase. Selecting such an important piece as a wedding ring can seem fraught with complexities that require specialist knowledge to negotiate:

  • Which marking of gold is best, 14K or 18K?
  • Should the rings be gold at all? What about platinum?
  • How does one go about choosing diamonds?
  • What about a more decorative style, such as an Irish wedding ring?

Fortunately, savvy jewelers are used to the need to educate their prospective customers to help them decide on the wedding bands that are best choice for their style and budget. Engaged couples should discuss their needs with a reputable local merchant and can also find a wealth of information and guidance online.

Now that the wearing of men's wedding bands has become so much more widespread, retailers have developed a range of products to suit masculine tastes and lifestyles. These include:

  • classic plain gold or platinum wedding bands in a variety of widths
  • engraved patterned rings
  • diamond bands
  • durable but light titanium wedding rings
  • two tone and tri-tone rings in combinations of yellow, white or colored gold to signify the unity of the married couple

Most men need to choose a style of ring that not only complements their look but also fits in with their daily life at work as well as with sports and other hobbies. Some may need to take their ring off for activities that may cause it heavy wear or possible damage or maybe choose a band in a more resistant material and design.

For husbands-to-be, deciding whether or not to wear a ring will likely remain a choice based on personal style and the joint views of the engaged couple. But for those who do wish to exchange these tokens with their bride on the Big Day, there's a large choice of men's wedding bands to help them find a design that will appeal.

Are you searching for the best style of men's wedding rings to suit yourself or your partner . . . ?

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